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List of minor characters in the Danganronpa series.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Daiya Owada

Main article: Daiya Owada


Main article: Kenshiro

Santa Shikiba

Main article: Santa Shikiba

Makoto Naegi's Parents

Main article: Makoto and Komaru Naegi's parents

Sayaka Maizono's Idol Group

Briefly shown in a DVD given by Monokuma to Sayaka Maizono, her idol group were performing happily onstage. But in a brief second, her idol group was collapsed and the stage was destroyed by Monokuma. One of the members from Sayaka's Idol Group is still alive but is currently being targeted by the Warriors of Hope. That person is Ayaka Haneyama. In the novel Danganronpa: Togami, another member is revealed to be named Satomi Aoba.

Toranosuke Ishimaru

Main article: Toranosuke Ishimaru

Genocide Jack's Victims

They are briefly shown while Makoto looks through the Genocide Jack Case File. Only a few appear, and they range in age. They are: Issei Kanno, Ken Harada, Tetsuhiro Honda, and Gaku Shouji.

Ultimate Physicist

Main article: Ultimate Physicist

Class Trial/NPC Students

Main article: Class Trial/NPC Students

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Teruteru Hanamura's Mother

Main article: Teruteru's Mother


Main article: Sato


Main article: Daisuke

Izuru Kamukura (The Founder of Hope's Peak Academy)

Main article: Izuru Kamukura (The founder)

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls


Chieko is a friend of Komaru Naegi. Her nickname is Cheko. It's unknown if she's still alive, but Komaru believes she is.

Danganronpa Kirigiri

Gekka Ryuzoji

Main article: Gekka Ryuzoji

Johnny Arp

Main article: Johnny Arp

Rei Mikagami

Main article: Rei Mikagami

Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer

Yoshihiko Hayashi

Main article: Yoshihiko Hayashi

Yūjirō Īda

Main article: Yujiro Ida

Osamu Yamada

Main article: Osamu Yamada

Koichi Ogawa

Main article: Koichi Ogawa

Hana Niyama

Main article: Hana Niyama

Shinya Ikemoto

Main article: Shinya Ikemoto

Kozumitsu Inaka

Main article: Kozumitsu Inaka

Kanta Tsunada

Main article: Kanta Tsunada

Ikumi Gozo

Main article: Ikumi Gozo

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy

Side: Future

Miaya Gekkogahara (Real)

Main article: Miaya Gekkogahara

Side/Despair: Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy

Physical Education Teacher

Main article: Physical Education Teacher


Main article: Gundham Tanaka's Grizner

Gundham Tanaka's Pomeranian

Main article: Gundham Tanaka's Pomeranian

Student Council

Kotomi Ikuta
Main article: Kotomi Ikuta
Karen Kisaragi
Main article: Karen Kisaragi
Suzuko Kashiki
Main article: Suzuko Kashiki
Kiriko Nishizawa
Main article: Kiriko Nishizawa
Daiki Kubo
Main article: Daiki Kubo
Aiko Umesawa
Main article: Aiko Umesawa
Shoji Yoko
Main article: Shoji Yoko
Sosuke Ichino
Main article: Sosuke Ichino
Tsubasa Kamii
Main article: Tsubasa Kamii
Taro Kurosaki
Main article: Taro Kurosaki
Tomohiko Goryoku
Main article: Tomohiko Goryoku
Asukasei Hino
Main article: Asukasei Hino
Ryota Someya
Main article: Ryota Someya

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Main article: Professor Iidabashi

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