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Monokuma machine

The MonoMono Machine.

The MonoMono Machine and presents are items that can be used in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and its sequel Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair to buy presents.

Dangan-academy-1f zps7eawikia63a8d

The school shop in the first floor.

When you spend your Free Time with your classmates, you will have the chance to give them presents. Every classmate likes different presents and it will affect your friendship. You can get presents from the "MonoMono Machine" in the School Store on the first floor, which is market with a yen sign on the map. If you insert some Monokuma Tokens, you will randomly receive one of 100 presents in total.

However, present 92-100 are special presents, which you will get after certain events in the game. Presents 100-114 are obtained after seeing each of the characters' endings in School Mode.

In Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair you can buy certain presents from the vending machine located in Rocketpunch Market. After Monokuma appears on the first island there will be a palm tree with Monokuma's face on it called the MonoMono Yachine, which allows you to get special presents.

List of Presents

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

This is a list of all 114 presents from the first game.

★ - indicates best person to give gift to

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR1 Present 1 Mineral Water 1. Mineral Water Drawn from the ocean depths and rigorously purified. Ideal for a modern on-the-go public unsatisfied with tap water. Mukuro
DR1 Present 2 Cola Cola 2. Cola Cola Contains a highly stimulating almost addictive sweetness. Pair it with some nice junk food for a can't-miss combo.

It is a reference to Coca-Cola.

Hifumi★, Leon
DR1 Present 3 Civet Coffee 3. Civet Coffee Made from an extremely rare and expensive coffee bean collected from the dung of the Asian palm civet. It has a unique fragrance... Byakuya★, Kyoko★, Mondo
DR1 Present 4 Rose Hip Tea 4. Rose Hip Tea An herbal tea said to promote beauty and wellness. You can somehow sense its essential elegance... Celestia★, Byakuya, Sayaka, Toko
DR1 Present 5 Sea Salt 5. Sea Salt A basic seasoning produced from the evaporation of seawater. It also sees use as a preservative. None
DR1 Present 6 Potato Chips 6. Potato Chips A staple snack food made by frying thick potato slices in oil. Beware its dangerously high calorie count. Hifumi★
DR1 Present 7 Prismatic Hardtack 7. Prismatic Hardtack A tough, long-lasting cracker used mainly as an emergency ration. Each piece contains a full seven different flavors. Hifumi
DR1 Present 8 Black Croissant 8. Black Croissant A baked good made from black ingredients. It looks burnt, but it's actually pretty good. Hifumi
DR1 Present 9 Sonic Cup a Noodle 9. Sonic Cup-a-Noodle Instant noodles. Fill it with boiling water and it's ready in 3 seconds. Of course, it also goes bad in like 30... Mondo★, Leon, Yasuhiro
DR1 Present 10 Royal Curry 10. Royal Curry A curry pack made for kids. It's made with expensive, high-quality ingredients you wouldn't expect from a kid's food. Byakuya, Yasuhiro, Genocide Jack

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR1 Present 11 Ration 11. Ration A set of canned and vacuum-sealed foodstuffs. The taste isn't bad, and certain snakes that enjoy hide-and-go-seek are just crazy about it.

It is a reference to the Metal Gear Solid series.

Mukuro★, Chihiro
DR1 Present 12 Flotation Donut 12. Lifesaver Donut Donuts large enough to double as lifesavers. It goes without saying, you can float across the ocean and enjoy a delicious pastry simultaneously. Available in a wide variety of shapes and flavors. Aoi★, Sakura, Chihiro
DR1 Present 13 Overflowing Lunch Box 13. Overflowing Lunch Box A lunch box stuffed with rice, ginger, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, and more. It's meat-free, so you vegetarians out there are covered, too. Kiyotaka, Yasuhiro, Mukuro
DR1 Present 14 Sunflower Seeds 14. Sunflower Seeds The seeds of that particular flower that loves facing the sun. They have a flavor somewhat similar to peanuts. The flower itself represents the sun's watchful eyes. None
DR1 Present 15 Birdseed 15. Birdseed Sprinkle this around outside and watch the birds come flocking. There's nothing stopping you from eating it too, I suppose... Chihiro
DR1 Present 16 Kitten Hairclip 16. Kitten Hairclip A hairclip in the shape of a little kitty cat. Properly placed, it can make a girl positively sparkle. Sayaka★, Aoi★, Mukuro★, Sakura
Enternal Friendship bracelet 17. Eternal Friendship Bracelet A hand-crafted bracelet made from several threads woven together. They say that once you put it on, it will never fall off. Leon★, Sayaka★, Toko★, Genocide Jack★, Byakuya, Mondo, Celestia,
DR1 Present 18 Love Status Ring 18. Love Status Ring Wear it on your right hand, you're looking for love. On your left, you've found it. On both...well, that's just asking for catastrophe. Sayaka★, Celestia★, Sakura
DR1 Present 19 Zoles Diamond 19. Zoles Diamond A brand-name diamond popularly used in engagement rings. Although...this one's just an imitation...

Likely a reference to Zales Diamonds

Celestia★, Leon, Toko
DR1 Present 20 Hope's Peak Ring 20. Hope's Peak Ring A school ring emblazoned with the Hope's Peak Academy school crest. It stands as proof of friendship between those who spent their youth together. All

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR1 Present 21 Blueberry Perfume 21. Blueberry Perfume Very popular with men these days. But to be honest, although it does attract the ladies, most guys hate the smell... Leon★ Kyoko★, Chihiro★, Byakuya, Sayaka, Sakura, Celestia
DR1 Present 22 Scarab Brooch 22. Scarab Brooch The scarab was considered to be sacred by many ancient societies. It's better known today as...the dung beetle. Byakuya★, Sayaka, Toko, Celestia
DR1 Present 23 God of War Charm 23. God of War Charm A charm devised by the protective deity of martial arts, the Great and Gracious Kashima. Sakura★, Mondo, Yasuhiro, Aoi, Mukuro
DR1 Present 24 Macs Gloves 24. Mac's Gloves A pair of boxing gloves infused with a staggering amount of passion and effort. Wearing them makes you want to throw a thousand cross-counters.

It is a reference to the Punch-Out games.

Kiyotaka★, Sakura, Chihiro
DR1 Present 25 Glasses 25. Glasses They say that wearing these while performing incantations will help you better speak with the target of your spell. Toko★, Kyoko
DR1 Present 26 G Sick 26. G-Sick Most people consider it a "throwaway watch" due to its poor quality. Still, it enjoys massive popularity thanks to its low price. Aoi★, Kiyotaka, Leon, Chihiro
DR1 Present 27 Roller Slippers 27. Roller Slippers Slippers with a small wheel installed in each heel. They were invented to move easily around the house, but there is absolutely no demand for them. Mondo★, Leon, Chihiro
DR1 Present 28 Red Scarf 28. Red Scarf A scarf belonging to a certain masked hero. It's tattered and worn due to the countless battles it's been through. Kiyotaka★, Mondo, Aoi
DR1 Present 29 Leaf Covering 29. Leaf Covering A loincloth meant to emphasize one's manliness. Its simple design features a single leaf overlaid on white cloth. Kiyotaka, Yasuhiro, Chihiro, Genocide Jack
DR1 Present 30 Torneko's Pants 30. Torneko's Pants The latest style from premier gothic lolita fashion label, Wonder Dungeon. Sayaka, Sakura

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR1 Present 31 Bunny Earmuffs 31. Bunny Earmuffs One of the most popular items from gothic lolita designer Ina Bauer. Sayaka, Aoi, Sakura
DR1 Present 32 Fresh Bindings 32. Fresh Bindings Strips of cotton cloth. They were once commonly used for underwear and bandages. They say when you wrap it around yourself, both body and soul become taut. Mondo★, Sakura★, Mukuro, Chihiro
DR1 Present 33 Jimmy Decay Tshirt 33. Jimmy Decay T-shirt A limited-edition shirt featuring legendary punk rocker Jimmy Decay. Only a hundred were ever made. Leon★, Mondo, Chihiro, Genocide Jack
DR1 Present 34 Emperors Thong 34. Emperor's Thong Designed solely for those in control of their buttocks. For better or worse, it's unisexual. Byakuya, Mukuro, Chihiro, Genocide Jack
DR1 Present 35 Hand Bra 35. Hand Bra A bra designed to slip over your hands. Its slogan? "Raise your hands, raise your spirits!" Mukuro, Genocide Jack
DR1 Present 36 Waterlover 36. Waterlover A competition swimsuit for women. Its design concept is to "become one with the water" and it claims to increase swimming speed by 10%. Aoi★, Sakura
DR1 Present 37 Demon Angel Princess Figure 37. Demon Angel Princess Figure A collectible figure of Princess Piggles, the popular heroine from "Demon Angel Pretty Pudgy Princess". Hifumi★, Genocide Jack
DR1 Present 38 Astral Boy Doll 38. Astral Boy Doll A figurine of the popular TV personality who hosted "Lost in Forbidden Love Fantasy Outer Space".

The name is a reference to Astro Boy.

Aoi★, Hifumi, Chihiro
DR1 Present 39 Shears 39. Shears Since Hope's Peak Academy doesn't have a barber, the students are responsible for cutting their own hair. None
DR1 Present 40 Layering Shears 40. Layering Shears A specialized set of scissors used to create advanced styling designs. Watch the edges! Yasuhiro

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR1 Present 41 Qualite Chinchilla Cover 41. Quality Chinchilla Cover A dark red seat cover. Its refined design is intended for only the most elite clientele. Mondo★, Kiyotaka, Byakuya
DR1 Present 42 Krilian Camera 42. Kirlian Camera A camera invented to take pictures of electrical fields surrounding objects. Sadly, there's no film in it... Chihiro★ Yasuhiro,
DR1 Present 43 Adorable Reactions Collection 43. Adorable Reactions Collection A DVD that contains footage of people reacting to various pieces of art. Kiyotaka★, Yasuhiro
DR1 Present 44 Tumbleweed 44. Tumbleweed A dried-out plant seen in many Western films. If they pile up around your yard, just toss 'em off a cliff or something. None
DR1 Present 45 Unending Dandelion 45. Unending Dandelion A dandelion toy. You can blow the fluff away, and the attached string will pull it back, so you can do it over and over and over and... Hifumi★, Chihiro★, Sayaka, Celestia
DR1 Present 46 Rose in Vitro 46. Rose In Vitro A small rose stored inside a test tube. Makes a great gift. It's good for both hellos and farewells. In the language of flowers, a red rose means passionate love. Sayaka★, Kyoko★, Toko★, Sakura★, Mukuro★, Byakuya, Aoi, Celestia, Chihiro
DR1 Present 47 Cherry Blossom Bouquet 47. Cherry Blossom Bouquet A collection of branches from a sakura tree. In the language of flowers, cherry blossoms represent "a woman of superior beauty". Sayaka★, Kyoko★, Toko★, Kiyotaka, Byakuya, Mondo, Leon, Hifumi, Yasuiro, Aoi, Sakura, Celestia, Mukuro, Chihiro
DR1 Present 48 Rose Whip 48. Rose Whip A whip made from real roses. Even the most beautiful rose has thorns... Celestia★, Mukuro
DR1 Present 49 Zantestuken 49. Zantetsuken A sword that can't even cut through iron. Or flesh. Or anything, really. In other words, totally useless... Yasuhiro, Mukuro
DR1 Present 50 Muramasa 50. Muramasa The strongest weapon ever made. It's great for dungeon diving and lets you warp through walls. Of course, it doesn't actually exist in this reality, so... Mondo, Yasuhiro, Mukuro

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR1 Present 51 Raygun Zurion 51. Raygun Zurion Created with hi-tech future technology. A single shot can melt every molecule in a fully grown human. There aren't any batteries, though, so you can't fire it... Mukuro, Chihiro
DR1 Present 52 Golden Gun 52. Golden Gun A replica of the gun preferred by a famous assassin. It's not really much good by itself. You can't even cock it...

It is a reference to The Man with a Golden Gun.

Byakuya★, Kyoko
DR1 Present 53 Berserker Armor 53. Berserker Armor Donning this armor bestows the wearer with immense power, but at the cost of their soul and senses. Kiyotaka, Genocide Jack
DR1 Present 54 Self Destructing Cassette 54. Self-Destructing Cassette Once you record a message onto this, it sets up a chemical reaction that will destroy the tape after a few seconds after it's played. Kyoko
DR1 Present 55 Silent Receiver 55. Silent Receiver A phone that, for some unknown reason, doesn't let you hear the person on the other end, and doesn't let them hear you. None
DR1 Present 56 Pretty Hungry Caterpillar 56. Pretty Hungry Caterpillar A caterpillar toy that was all the rage years ago. As you pull it, it moves up and down, making it look alive.

The title is a reference to The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a children's book by Eric Carle.

DR1 Present 57 Old Timey Radio 57. Old Timey Radio A radio with a retro exterior but state-of-the-art technology inside. Of course, there's no reception in the school, so you can't hear anything anyway. Byakuya★
DR1 Present 58 Mr Fastball 58. Mr. Fastball A baseball-shaped velocity measurement machine. Throw it to measure your speed. But, uh...don't throw it at the wall. Chihiro
DR1 Present 59 Antique Doll 59. Antique Doll A porcelain doll. Due to the exquisite craftsmanship of the doll and its clothing, many people still collect and prize them to this very day. Toko★, Celestia★, Byakuya, Hifumi, Sayaka, Kyoko, Sakura
DR1 Present 60 Crystal Skull 60. Crystal Skull A skull carved from pure rock crystal. Some think skulls like this were created hundreds of years ago, perhaps with alien intervention, and consider them "OOPArts".

It is a reference to Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

Byakuya★, Yasuhiro★

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR1 Present 61 Golden Airplane 61. Golden Airplane A golden sculpture said to represent a plane or spaceship. It was found in ruins in Colombia dated to around 1,000 CE, indicating to some that this represents an "OOPArt". Byakuya★, Yasuhiro★, Mukuro★
DR1 Present 62 Prince Shotokus Globe 62. Prince Shotoku's Globe A spherical representation of Earth, about the size of a softball. Some believe it to be an "OOPArt" since it depicts a round Earth, despite being many centuries old. Byakuya★, Yasuhiro, Chihiro
DR1 Present 63 Moon Rock 63. Moon Rock A rock taken from the Sea of Tranquility on the moon by the astronauts on Apollo 11. Its composition is apparently unusual for where it was found... None
DR1 Present 64 Asura's Tears 64. Asura's Tears A jewel treasured by an ancient super-race. "Even the devil has friends. You..fool". And then...tears flow. Sakura★
DR1 Present 65 Secrets of the Omoplata 65. Secrets of the Omoplata A little-known book about Brazilian jiu-jitsu that teaches high-level shoulder lock techniques. "Omoplata" is another word for the scapula, or shoulder blade. Sakura★, Aoi
DR1 Present 66 Millennium Prize Problems 66. Millennium Prize Problems These seven important mathematical problems were posted by the Clay Mathematics Institute, with a reward of one million dollars for each one solved. Byakuya★, Kiyotaka, Chihiro
DR1 Present 67 The Funplane 67. The Funplane An extremely popular portable game system. It can also play music and movies. All
DR1 Present 68 Project Zombie 68. Project Zombie An mature game designed for the Portable Game System, where a former runway model takes zombies as slaves in a post-apocalyptic world. It's been out of print for a while... Leon★, Celestia, Chihiro
DR1 Present 69 Pagan Dancer 69. Pagan Dancer A mature game designed for the Portable Game System, which allows you to become a massive god handling out divine punishment to puny mortals. Good luck finding a copy.... Byakuya, Celestia, Chihiro
DR1 Present 70 TipsandTips 70. Tips & Tips A thick book that has hints and codes for every game ever released. A must-have for any true gaming fanatic. Hifumi★, Chihiro★

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR1 Present 71 Maidens Handbag 71. Maiden's Handbag Available only at the posh Maiden Road, which is geared toward female fanfic fans. Please, PLEASE take me with you next time you go! Toko★, Genocide Jack★
DR1 Present 72 Kokeshi Dynamo 72. Kokeshi Dynamo Flip the switch on the bottom to set the doll shaking. Apparently it's a kid's toy, but I don't really get the point of it... Genocide Jack★
DR1 Present 73 The Second Button 73. The Second Button The button from a school uniform which increases in value as graduation approaches. In a few cases, reservations are necessary. None
DR1 Present 74 Someones Graduaion Album 74. Someone's Graduation Album A Hope's Peak graduation album that someone left behind. The signature pages are all completely blank... None
DR1 Present 75 Vise 75. Vise A tool used to grip and stabilize materials (like metal) to shape and fix it. Somehow, just the name conveys a strong sense of power... None
DR1 Present 76 Sacred Tree Sprig 76. Sacred Tree Sprig The branch from a sakaki tree, commonly used in Shinto rituals. It serves as a connection between humans and the gods. Yasuhiro★
DR1 Present 77 Pumice 77. Pumice A porous rock formed during violent volcanic eruptions. Use it to scrape off all that old, dry skin on the body. None
DR1 Present 78 Oblaat 78. Oblaat A thin, edible film made from starch. It's commonly used as a candy wrapper, but also helps cover up the taste of bitter medicine. None
DR1 Present 79 Water Flute 79. Water Flute A unique type of flute. you pour water into the base and blow into the top, which can create a variety of sounds similar to a chirping bird. Toko
DR1 Present 80 Bojobo Dolls 80. Bojobo Dolls Made from seeds and coconut fiber, these are used in Buddhist prayers. You determine your wish based on how you position the arms and legs. Kyoko★, Aoi

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR1 Present 81 Small Light 81. Small Light Common wisdom might make you think that shining this light on you will turn you small...but nope. It's just that the light itself is about the size of a matchbox. Leon
DR1 Present 82 Voice Changing Bowtie 82. Voice-Changing Bowtie This originally belonged to a detective who has the body of a child but the mind of a genius. The bowtie lets its user speak in a variety of voices.

It is a reference to the series Detective Conan (also known as Case Closed).

Leon, Kyoko
DR1 Present 83 Ancient Tour Tickets 83. Ancient Tour Tickets Two tickets that advertise "a whirlwind tour of Mu with the Ancients for four days and three nights!" None
DR1 Present 84 Novelists Fountain Pen 84. Novelist's Fountain Pen It once belonged to a late, great novelist. They say the writer's soul is sealed within the pen, and any user can only write one sentence: "I have become something not human". Toko★
DR1 Present 85 If Fax 85. "If" Fax Used to distribute a full-length novel based on what the world would look like if all of someone's dreams came true. None
DR1 Present 86 Cat Dog Magazine 86. Cat-Dog Magazine You might think it has to do with pets, but it's more related to...beds. It's a guide for junior high and high school students to help with health. Genocide Jack
DR1 Present 87 Meteorite Arrowhead 87. Meteorite Arrowhead An arrowhead discovered in some ancient ruins. Fashioned from a meteorite, they say that getting pierced by it will give you the power to see demons.

It is a reference to the Stand Arrow from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Yasuhiro★, Byakuya, Kyoko
DR1 Present 88 Chin Drill 88. Chin Drill A fashion accessory that allows you to equip a drill on your chin. It is said to represent the idea of "spiral energy".

Reference to "Gurren Lagaan".

Kiyotaka★, Hifumi
DR1 Present 89 Green Costume 89. Green Costume As soon as you put this on, you'll feel like you can take on any challenge. It resembles a stereotypical dinosaur.

This is possibly a Kigurumi, a footsy-pajama-like costume popular in Japan.

Aoi, Chihiro
DR1 Present 90 Red Costume 90. Red Costume Jump into this, and you'll feel like you can support the world. It resembles some kind of yeti creature...

This is possibly a Kigurumi, a footsy-pajama-like costume popular in Japan.

Aoi, Mukuro, Chihiro

Image Item Description
DR1 Present 91 A Mans Fantasy 91. A Man's Fantasy A wash basin intended to give you the courage to seek out a true man's fantasy. Specifically, in public bathhouses...

Having this will let you see a secret scene in Chapter 2.

Escape button is so shiny 92. Escape Button One press of this button will allow you to escape from Hope's Peak Academy. Once you possess it, a new clip will be added to the Movie Gallery.
DR1 Present 93 School Crest 93. School Crest Proof that you've cleared the Prologue. It's a patch that displays the Hope's Peak Academy school crest.
DR1 Present 94 Despair Bat 94. Despair Bat Proof that you've cleared Chapter 1. The name really doesn't sound pleasant-it creates a foreboding sense that something very bad has begun.
DR1 Present 95 Crazy Diamond 95. Crazy Diamond Proof that you've cleared Chapter 2. It's Mondo Owada's old trenchcoat, which has the name of the country's greatest biker gang leader embroidered on it.
DR1 Present 96 Super Robo Justice 96. Super Robo Justice Proof that you've cleared Chapter 3. Hifumi Yamada created this costume at the school, but the quality is so high, it's hard to imagine it was made solely with materials in the school.
DR1 Present 97 Alter Lump 97. Alter Lump Proof that you've cleared Chapter 4. It's the only thing left of Alter Ego...
DR1 Present 98 Dream Island Rocket 98. Dream Island Rocket Proof that you've cleared Chapter 5. It was once abandoned on Dream Island. It feels strangely familiar...
DR1 Present 99 Monokuma Hairties 99. Monokuma Hairties Proof that you've cleared Chapter 6. As the final memento of Junko Enoshima, they're decorated with twin bear figures.
DR1 Present 100 Easter Egg 100. Easter Egg Proof that you've cleared the Epilogue. It serves as a graduation token for all those who made it out of Hope's Peak. Is it a symbol of hope, or of despair...?


Image Item Description
Ishimaru's undergarments
101. Kiyotaka's Undergarments Kiyotaka's favorite briefs. They were also the preferred briefs of his grandfather, the former prime minister, Toranosuke Ishimaru. The manufacturer, "Military World", claims they help support all ideal Japanese men form down below.
Togami's undergarments
102. Byakuya's Undergarments Byakuya's favorite high-end underwear. It comes from the only brand that the truly elite will wear. All of his family's underwear is made to order, in order to show that no matter how much money some no-name upstart may have, they'll never be a Togami.
Oowada's undergarments
103. Mondo's Undergarments Mondo's favorite boxer briefs. They fit nice and snug in order to keep from getting in the way when you're riding your hog. Mondo doesn't normally have a thing for tiger print, but the instant he saw them, he found himself drawn to the design...
Kuwata's undergarments
104. Leon's Undergarments Leon's favorite supportive sports underoos. He may claim he hates baseball, but deep down it still holds a special place in his heart. After all, that's what makes him "ultimate".
Yamada's undergarments
105. Hifumi's Undergarments Hifumi's favorite briefs. This one-of-a-kind, not-for-sale-anywhere item was designed to mimic the garments of the galactic king, Robo Justice. Due to Hifumi's exceptional girth, the briefs have been stretched into a rather form-fitting thong.
Hagakure's undergarments
106. Yasuhiro's Undergarments Hiro's favorite bikini briefs. "The higher the waist, the higher your luck!" This is what the salesman told him at one of his seminars, and he couldn't resist. Later, he would run into severe money troubles.
Maizono's undergarments
107. Sayaka's Undergarments Sayaka's favorite everyday underwear. They may be inexpensive, but when the Ultimate Pop Sensation wears them,they still shine with an innee light. Of course, the brighter the light, the darker the shadow...
Kirigiri's undergarments
108. Kyoko's Undergarments Kyoko's favorite low-rise briefs. No matter what position she finds herself in, their mysterious darkness obscures her form. Whether she's squatting to inspect a crime scene or climbing up a ladder in search of evidence, she's safe...
Asahina's undergarments
109. Aoi's Undergarments Aoi's favorite panties. They're the kind of thing you'd expect to find in any bedroom in the world-they're as plain as what any prison inmate might wear, but still completely comfortable. The one drawback is that they turn totally see-through if you go swimming in them...
Fukawa's undergarments
110. Toko's Undergarments Toko's favorite panties. Actually, they're probably Genocide Jack's favorite. They have reinforced elastic and loops to hold her deadly scissors.
Oogami's undergarments
111. Sakura's Undergarments Sakura's favorite loincloth. She wears the complicated garment to remind her daily of the process of putting on her various martial arts uniforms. The loincloth represents her willingness to accept any challenge at any time.
Celes' undergarments
112. Celestia's Undergarments Celestia's favorite dark-hued panties. Their most noticable feature is the tulle lace, and it's rumored that a C-rank human can't bear to gaze upon them. They give off the distinct air of a queen.
Ikusaba's undergarments
113. Junko's Undergarments Junko's favorite underwear. In contrast to her title as the Ultimate Fashionista, the underwear is remarkably plain. However, it's also woven from blade-resistant and bulletproof fibers, making it much more durable. Still, it doesn't seem to be spear-proof...
Fujisaki's undergarment
114. Chihiro's Undergarments Chihiro's favorite bloomers. Even if you got a peek under his skirt, you wouldn't be able to tell at a glance that he was a boy. His choice of underwear clearly underlines how strong his fear of weakness really is.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

This is a list of all 140 presents in the second game.

★ - indicates best person to give gift to

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR2 Present 1 Mineral Water 1. Mineral Water Drawn from the ocean depths and rigorously purified. Ideal for a modern on-the-go public unsatisfied with tap water. None
DR2 Present 2 Ramune 2. Ramune A sweet, lemon-flavored carbonated drink. A marble plugs the opening of the uniquely designed bottle. The bottle can also be reused if you bring it to the ramune store. "Byakuya", Akane, Ibuki
DR2 Present 3 Coconut Juice 3. Coconut Juice A colorless, transparent juice found inside coconuts. The sweet taste is considered refreshing. Kazuichi, Hiyoko
DR2 Present 4 Blue Ram 4. Blue Ram A famous anti-energy drink that will make you feel very relaxed after drinking it. Became a huge hit through its marketing slogan, "Blue Ram Clips Your Wing".

It is a reference to Red Bull.

Nagito, Gundham
DR2 Present 5 Civet Coffee 5. Civet Coffee Made from an extremely rare and expensive coffee bean collected from the dung of the Asian palm civet. It has a unique fragrance... Sonia, Ibuki
DR2 Present 6 Cinnamon Tea 6. Cinnamon Tea Black tea infused with cinnamon sticks. It is said to be effective for warming your body and maintaining proper digestion. Sonia
DR2 Present 7 Non Alcoholic Wine 7. Non-Alcoholic Wine A refreshing drink that contains no alcohol. It tastes more like sour grape juice than actual wine. Fuyuhiko, Peko
DR2 Present 8 Prepackaged Orzotto 8. Prepackaged Orzotto A dish made of boiled pearl barley. It’s very nutritious and high in fiber. It also tastes good with beef tongue. Akane★, "Byakuya", Nekomaru
DR2 Present 9 Chocolate Chip Jerky 9. Chocolate Chip Jerky Dried beef sprinkled with chocolate chips. A preserved meat product invented by an experimental cook. There's no guarantee this will actually taste good. "Byakuya"★, Akane, Ibuki
DR2 Present 10 Cod Roe Baguette 10. Cod Roe Baguette This thin loaf of bread is stuffed to the brim with butter and crushed cod roe. A perfect fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. "Byakuya", Akane

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR2 Present 11 Gugelhupf Cake 11. Gugelhupf Cake This cake is said to be a favorite of Marie Antoinette. Its name is German for “priest’s hat”. Sonia★, "Byakuya", Akane
DR2 Present 12 Hardtack of Hope 12. Hardtack of Hope Emergency ration that excels at maintaining its freshness. They are often given to students as an emergency food source in case of natural disasters. Nagito, "Byakuya", Akane
DR2 Present 13 Sweet Bun Bag 13. Sweet Bun Bag Filled with a variety of sweet breads, including melon and peanut butter flavors. The bag has a logo of Hansel & Gretel. "Byakuya"★, Akane, Hiyoko
DR2 Present 14 Potato Chips 14. Potato Chips A snack food made by frying thin potato slices in oil. Beware its dangerously high calorie count. Many men have lost everything after betting they could only eat just one.

The description is a reference to a marketing slogan for Lay's Potato Chips.

"Byakuya", Akane
DR2 Present 15 Viva Ice 15. Viva Ice This strawberry-flavored shaved ice treat comes with a spoon containing lottery numbers. If your numbers win, you receive more shaved ice.

It is most likely a reference to Viva All, a brand of ice-cream pop.

Nagito, Akane, Chiaki, Hiyoko
DR2 Present 16 Jabbas Natural Salt 16. Jabba's Natural Salt Natural salt found on Jabberwock Island. Though it's commonly used to cook various island dishes, apparently it's also used for strange ceremonial rituals by the local natives. Nekomaru, Ibuki
DR2 Present 17 Cocoshimi 17. Cocoshimi The pulpy white insides of a coconut. If you eat it with soy sauce and wasabi, it tastes just like sashimi. "Byakuya"★, Teruteru, Akane, Ibuki
DR2 Present 18 Sunflower Seeds 18. Sunflower Seeds The seeds of that particular flower that loves facing the sun. They have a flavor somewhat similar to peanuts. The flower itself represents the sun's watchful eyes. Gundham★, "Byakuya", Chiaki
DR2 Present 19 Coconut 19. Coconut The hard-shelled fruit from a coconut tree. Not only is it edible, it can also be used for several purposes, such as crafting musical instruments. Nekomaru★, "Byakuya", Teruteru, Ibuki
DR2 Present 20 Iroha Tshirt 20. Iroha T-Shirt A regular t-shirt emblazoned with a cluttered poem. "Though the flower is gone, its scent lingers. Who in this world is truly unchanging? Today we cross the towering mountains of vanity, unswayed by superficial dreams."

It is a reference to Aloha Shirts.

Teruteru, Akane, Ibuki, Peko

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR2 Present 21 Brightly Colored Jeans 21. Brightly Colored Jeans The frayed jean pants of a detective who roared at the sun in the name of justice. They're not jeans, they're jean pants.

It is most likely a reference to "Bark at the Sun! ", a very famous and long-running detective drama.

Sonia★, Nekomaru, Ibuki
DR2 Present 22 Apron Dress 22. Apron Dress A dress that resembles a maid's uniform. When you wear this, it might seem like you won't be able to you master, but in actuality, you'll be the one in control. Peko★, Teruteru, Mahiru, Mikan
DR2 Present 23 Falkors Muffler 23. Falkor's Muffler A muffler crafted from the fur of a legendary luckdragon. It's sweltering hot to wear in the land of eternal summer.

It is a reference to Falkor from the Neverending Story.

Gundham, Fuyuhiko, Sonia
DR2 Present 24 Fresh Bindings 24. Fresh Bindings Strips of cotton cloth. They were once commonly used for underwear and bandages. They say when you wrap it around yourself, both body and soul become taut. Nekomaru★, Peko
DR2 Present 25 Queens Straitjacket 25. Queen’s Straitjacket This hand-binding garment was worn by the genius magician Queen Teruko during her escape magic performances. Apparently there are people who might enjoy being bound up.

It is a reference to the illusionist Princess Tenko.

Mikan★, Teruteru, Ibuki
DR2 Present 26 Spy Spike 26. Spy Spike A spike that you can wield with swiftness and agility, just like a real spy. Also known as “Spy-Spi” Akane
DR2 Present 27 Secret Boots 27. Secret Boots Boots that have raised soles, allowing the wearer to face their height. None
DR2 Present 28 Safety Half Shoes 28. Safety Half-Shoes These shoes only cover your toes, but the iron plate in the tip keeps your toes safe. Akane, Mikan
DR2 Present 29 Passionate Glasses 29. Passionate Glasses Glasses that let you see your passions as they blend with reality. They also have a function that lets you shoot your passion like a laser. (WARNING: This laser *will* come out of your butt.) Teruteru★, Sonia, Mahiru, Mikan, Ibuki
DR2 Present 30 Bvlbaris Gold 30. Bvlbari's Gold A popular, name-brand bracelet made of pure gold that's loved by both men and women. With its high-quality fashion sense and brightness, it increases the wearer's visibility by 10 percent. "Byakuya", Fuyuhiko, Peko

Image Item Description Preferred By
DR2 Present 31 Earring of Crushed Evil 31. Earring of Crushed Evil An earring created by the legendary home tutor. Crafted from silver and gold into the shape of a wing. The gold is said to increase luck, while the silver is said to accumulate luck. Gundham★, Nagito,Sonia, Ibuki
DR2 Present 32 Silver Ring 32. Silver Ring A ring made from the purest silver with a natural pink tourmaline set into it. If you need to get a present for someone and have no idea, get them this. Mahiru★, Fuyuhiko, Akane, Sonia, Hiyoko, Mikan, Peko
DR2 Present 33 Hopes Peak Ring 33. Hope's Peak Ring A school ring emblazoned with the Hope's Peak Academy crest. It stands as proof of friendship between those who spent their youth together. Nagito★, All
DR2 Present 34 Spectre Ring 34. Spectre Ring A blond earthing was wearing this ring when he was swept into our world from a distant galaxy. A very ice, lane joke is sealed within the ring. Gundham, Ibuki
DR2 Present 35 Cloth Wrap Backpack 35. Cloth Wrap Backpack A cloth wrap with a very fashionable design. Perfect for giving presents to modern girls and elders. Nothing you wrap with this will be sent forward or backward in time. Hiyoko★, Akane, Sonia, Mikan, Ibuki
DR2 Present 36 Another Hope 36. Another Hope This valuable diamond was created from the remaining fragments of the original Hope Diamond when it was cut long ago. Rumors persist that death follows anyone who has this item in their possession. Nagito, Gundham, Sonia
DR2 Present 37 Jabbaian Jewelry 37. Jabbaian Jewelry A pendant designed with a coconut tree motif. There's a custom on Jabberwock Island in which parents give this to their children so they can one day pass it down to their own kids. Fuyuhiko, Hiyoko, Mahiru, Mikan, Ibuki, Peko
DR2 Present 38 Biggest Fantom 38. Biggest Fantom An ancient fan that has been passed down since the Heian Period. Those who possess it will be able to speak with ghosts. Hiyoko★, Gundham, Sonia, Ibuki
DR2 Present 39 Ubiquitous Handbook 39. Ubiquitous Handbook A perfectly designed handbook useful for documenting various events that occur throughout the day. It comes with a pen that can be easily stored inside. Nekomaru, Mahiru
Present 40 MIllenium Prize Problems 40. Millennium Prize Problems These seven important mathematical problems were posed by the Clay Mathematics Institute, with a reward of one million dollars for each one solved. None

Image Item Description Preferred By
Present 41 TipsandTips 2nd Edition transparent 41. Tips & Tips 2nd Edition A thick book that has hints and codes for every game ever released. The 2nd Edition now includes tips for clearing even the most difficult levels. A must-have for any true gaming fanatic. Chiaki★, Ibuki
Present 42 Ogami Clan Codex Transparent 42. Ogami Clan Codex A book which documents the 708 Meridian Channel pressure points that exist throughout the human body. Those who master these points can become the Ultimate Masseuse. Nekomaru★, Mikan
Present 43 Mens Manma Transparent 43. Men's Manma A magazine for gourmands that lists popular restaurants for all kinds of situations. The articles about recommended date spots are especially popular.

It is a reference to the fashion magazine “MEN’S NON-NO”.

"Byakuya", Kazuichi
Present 44 Kiss Note Transparent 44. Kiss Note A notebook considered to be a good luck charm. The human whose name is written in this notebook shall kiss you. The human who uses this notebook will lose their heart forever.

It is a reference to Death Note.

Teruteru★, Kazuichi, Mahiru, Ibuki, Peko
Present 45 Black Rabbit Picture Book Transparent 45. Black Rabbit Picture Book An introductory book for pulling various cons. The cover has a black rabbit on it to avoid attention. Apparently there is a white rabbit and red rabbit version of this book as well. "Byakuya"★, Hiyoko
Present 46 25D Headphones 46. 2.5D Headphones Headphones that provide a 2.5- dimensional sound quality. Every audiophile who used these said the same thing: “These are hella psychopop.” Ibuki★, Kazuichi, Chiaki
Present 47 Radiosonde 47. Radiosonde A weather observation device that measures the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure by shooting a balloon into the sky. Kazuichi★
Present 48 Male Cylinder 48. Male Cylinder A laboratory instrument with a masculine symbol on it. Organic synthesis is possible when combined with Measuring Cylinder. Teruteru, Mikan
Present 49 Measuring Flask 49. Measuring Flask A laboratory instrument with a feminine symbol on it. Organic synthesis is possible when combined with the Male Cylinder. Teruteru, Mikan, Ibuki
Present 50 Razor Ramon HG 50. Razor Ramon HG A cooking device that makes pho simply by putting leftover rice inside it. Vietnamese food has surged in popularity due to this item. "Byakuya", Kazuichi, Akane, Ibuki

Image Item Description Preferred By
Present 51 Infrared Thermometer 51. Infrared Thermometer By detecting the infrared radiation released by your body, this thermometer can measure your body temperature without making direct contact with your skin. Nekomaru, Mikan
Present 52 Flash Suppressor 52. Flash Suppressor Manufactured by Volcanic Knuckle, attaching this item to the barrel of a gun will suppress the muzzle flare and recoil while firing. However, this item will also amplify the sound of the shot to sound like a tiger's roar. Sonia, Ibuki
Presnet 53 Lilienthals Wings 53. Lilienthal’s Wings A model left behind by flight engineer Otto Lilienthal. It's filled with the dreams of those who aim for the sky. Kazuichi★, Fuyuhiko
Present 54 Kirliam Photography 54. Kirlian Photography A camera invented to take pictures of electrical fields surrounding objects. Sadly, there's no film in it... Mahiru★, Kazuichi, Sonia
Present 55 Mr Stapler 55. Mr. Stapler A stapler used in the medical field. As long as you set the appropriate needle, you can staple a wound closed as easy as assembling a manga. Mikan★, Akane, Ibuki
Present 56 Small Degenerated Reactor 56.Small Degenerated Reactor A powerful organization used nuclear fission to repeatedly degenerate gravity and create miniature black holes for the purpose of researching alternate sources of energy. Gundham★, Kazuichi★, Sonia
Present 57 Many-Sided Dice set 57. Many-Sided Dice Set A full set of dice consisting of a d4, d8, d10, d12, and d20. Created to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the world-famous tabletop RPG: Mazes and Monsters. Fuyuhiko, Ibuki
Present 58 The Funbox 58. The Funbox The newest home video game console. It promises a rewarding experience that money simply can’t buy. You will need money to buy games for it, though. Kazuichi, Chiaki, Ibuki
Present 59 The Funplane 59. The Funplane The newest popular portable game system. It has a hi-def touchscreen, and can also play music and videos, making for the perfect all-in-one media machine! Kazuichi, Chiaki, Ibuki
Present 60 American Clacker 60. American Clacker A toy consisting of two balls tied with string. You play with it by swinging the balls together to produce a "clack clack" sound. Adults and children alike are fascinated by this toy. Ibuki★

Image Item Description Preferred By
Present 61 Toy Camera 61. Toy Camera A cheaply made camera. Due to its poor quality, its photos are sometimes out of focus or have weird coloration. Oddly enough, that has actually made it more popular.

Giving this to someone in Chapter 3 unlocks a bonus scene.

Present 62 Power Gauntlet 62. Power Gauntlet A video game controller shaped like a glove. You use your fingers to play games, but it is not compatible with modern game consoles. Die-hard fans love how "bad" this thing is. Chiaki★, Gundham, Ibuki
Present 63 Mesopotamia 63. Mesopotamia This bright red, spring-shaped toy is made out of steel. You can play with it by dropping it down the stairs. It's said its unique form was crafted by an ancient Sumerian god.

It is a reference to the video game Somer Assault (known as Mesopotamia in Japan).

Fuyuhiko, Sonia, Ibuki, Peko
Present 64 Nitro Racer 64. Nitro Racer A toy car that was popular a few years ago. A unique feature of this product is the Nitro Button. Pressing this button releases a very nice breeze from the car. Chiaki★, Kazuichi, Ibuki
Present 65 Slap Bracelet 65. Slap Bracelet A toy that's straight like a ruler, but when you slap it against your wrist it wraps around your arm. Chiaki, Sonia, Ibuki
Present 66 Gag Ball 66. Gag Ball You bite into this toy like a dog. When you do, you end up making a funny face. That's why it's called a gag ball. Teruteru, Mikan
Present 67 Kokeshi Dynamo 67. Kokeshi Dynamo Flip the switch on the bottom to set the doll shaking. Apparently it's a kid's toy, but I don't really get the point of it... Teruteru★, Mikan
Present 68 Go Stone 68. Go Stone A black and white stone used to play Go. This game was responsible for popularizing a lot of strategic concepts. The black and white colors may also induce despair. Nagito, "Byakuya", Nekomaru, Chiaki
Present 69 Message In a Bottle 69. Message In a Bottle A bottle with a letter inside The mouth of the bottle is too narrow, so you can't actually read the letter. None
Present 70 Old Timey Radio 70. Old Timey Radio A radio with a retro exterior but state-of-theart technology inside. All you gotta do now is create a radio station! Kazuichi★, Sonia, Ibuki

Image Item Description Preferred By
Present 71 Antique Doll 71. Antique Doll A porcelain doll. Due to the exquisite craftmanships of the doll and its clothing, many people still collect and prize them to this very day. Fuyuhiko★, Peko★, Hiyoko, Mahiru, Mikan
Present 72 The Second Button 72. The Second Button The button from a school uniform which increases in value as graduation approaches. In a few cases, reservations are necessary. Sonia, Ibuki
Present 73 Moon Rock 73. Moon Rock A rock taken from the Sea of Tranquility of the moon by astronauts on Apollo 11. Its composition is apparently unusual for where it was found... Gundham, Akane, Chiaki, Hiyoko, Mahiru
Present 74 Another Battle 74. Another Battle The first in a series of yakuza films. It became popular for being a yakuza film that had no battle scenes in it whatsoever. Sonia★, Fuyuhiko, Peko
Present 75 Desperation 75. Desperation A collection of famous songs by Tatsuro Furuta, a folk singer/songwriter who ushered in a new era of folk music. Ibuki★, Sonia
Present 76 1000 Cherry Blossoms 76. 1000 Cherry Blossoms A high quality tool used for floral arrangements. The needles are inserted into flowers and branches.

It is a reference to the famous series Bleach. The name is pronounced the same as Byakuya Kuchiki’s bankai, ‘Senbonzakura Kageyoshi’ (Display of a Thousand Cherry Blossoms).

Gundham, Hiyoko
Present 77 Paper 10th Act Verse 77. Paper “10th Act Verse" A paper handkerchief used by upper-class craftsmen. They keep it inside their pockets until they need to wipe their mouths. Hiyoko★, Gundham, Fuyuhiko, Sonia, Peko
Present 78 Marine Snow 78. Marine Snow This floating snow-like substance displays a fantastic beauty. It's actually a collection of plankton corpses. "Byakuya", Nekomaru, Fuyuhiko, Akane, Chiaki, Sonia, Hiyoko, Mahiru, Peko
Present 79 Gold Coated Sheath 79. Gold Coated Sheath A bamboo sword sheath with a beautiful gold finish on the part where the blade is inserted. Peko★, Fuyuhiko
Present 80 Mini Wave Dissipaters 80. Mini Wave-Dissipaters This island souvenir is a wave dissipation black that fits in the palm of your hand. If you leave it on the coast, sea water gathers around it. Fuyuhiko, Akane, Chiaki, Hiyoko, Mahiru, Ibuki, Peko

Image Item Description Preferred By
Present 81 Stardust 81. Stardust A small bottle of stardust. It's said that owning this item is enough to make you happy. Despite its name, it's actually made from the shell of a small sea creature. Fuyuhiko★, "Byakuya", Gundham, Akane, Chiaki, Hiyoko, Mahiru, Peko
Present 82 Japanese Tea Cup 82. Japanese Tea Cup A fancy teacup made from royal wood. It's said that regular water will taste sweet if it's served in this cup. Mahiru★, Fuyuhiko, Sonia, Peko
Present 83 Two Sided Ukulele 83. Two-Sided Ukulele This tropical instrument is stringed on both sides. The sound changes depending on which side you play. The outer side produces a light, happy sound, while the inner side produces an dark, heavy sound. Ibuki★
Present 84 Collapsible Fishing Rod 84. Collapsible Fishing Rod A fishing rod designed so you can enjoy fishing anytime, anywhere. It becomes the size of a ballpoint pen when you collapse it, allowing you to carry it with you freely. Ibuki
Present 85 Bojobo Dolls 85. Bojobo Dolls Made from seeds and coconut fibers, these are used i Buddhist prayers. You determine your wish based on how you position the arms and legs. "Byakuya", Teruteru, Nekomaru, Fuyuhiko, Akane, Sonia, Hiyoko, Mahiru, Mikan, Ibuki, Peko
Present 86 Century Potpourri 86. Century Potpourri An aromatic blend of ripened flowers, herbs, and fruit skins. You'll enjoy the smell of this potpourri for one hundred years. Akane★, Chiaki★, Sonia★, Hiyoko★, Mahiru★, Peko★, Nagito, "Byakuya", Gundham, Kazuichi, Teruteru, Nekomaru, Fuyuhiko, Mikan, Ibuki,
2016-10-10 (19) 87. Absolute Tuning Fork An enormous tuning fork. In the hands of a tuning master, it has the power to destroy everything with its resonance. In a pinch, you can also hang your laundry from it. Ibuki★, Gundham
Present 88 Seven Sword 88. Seven Sword A sword discovered inside a clay doll excavated from the island. The blade has the unique characteristic of branching off into seven blades, but its number of uses is already maxed out. Gundham, Chiaki, Peko
Present 89 Sand Gods Storm Horn 89. Sand God's Storm Horn A broken horn from some unknown creature. Those who possess this horn will be able to read the wind.

It is a reference to the character Wham, from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Nekomaru★, Gundham, Sonia
Present 90 Memory Notebook 90. Memory Notebook A ragged notebook. The cover says, “Ky.…ko... Oto…'s Memory Notebook”. The writings on the inside are too worn out to read. (sic) Nagito★

Image Item Description Preferred By
Present 91 Mukuros Knife 91. Mukuro's Knife A knife with the Hope’s Peak Academy crest on it. The blade is too rusted to use. Nagito★
Present 92 Broken Warhead 92. Broken Warhead A weapon of mass destruction found at the bottom of the ocean. The following words were inscribed on the warhead by a fallen princess: “Humans can still live without this.” Kazuichi★, Sonia
Present 93 Girl with the Bear Hairpin 93. Girl with the Bear Hairpin A masterpiece from the realist artist, Riskini Harden Phenomenon. It was reported last year that he immersed himself in despair, and was constantly painting the entire time. Teruteru, Akane, Mahiru, Mikan
Present 94 Bar 94. Bar A metal tool used to remove nails or apply leverage. Not to be confused with its J-shaped cousin, the crowbar. Kazuichi, Ibuki
Present 95 Dip Pen 95. Dip Pen A pen used for drawing lines by absorbing ink into the nib. Depending on your technique, you can create vivid lines with it. The pen of choice for manga artists and illustrators. None
Present 96 Tissue 96. Tissue A modern symbol of our present society. This disposable paper has many uses, such as blowing your nose, wiping away dirt, and wrapping with kindness. Nekomaru, Ibuki
2016-10-10 (9) 97. Jabba the Frog A frog native to Jabberwock Island. It has an extremely long lifespan, and is said to live approximately 600 years. Gundham, Sonia
2016-10-10 (8) 98. Iguana Daughter An iguana native to Jabberwock Island. According to local legend, this creature was originally a young maiden who was changed into this form through magic. Gundham, Sonia
2016-10-10 (7) 99. Dull Kitchen Knife A kitchen knife that's useless for cutting. A first-rate cook will never use this knife... None
Present 100 Occult Photo Phrame 100. Occult Photo Phrame A picture frame that automatically converts digital photographs into ghostly photos. Kazuichi, Sonia
Present 101 Lust Setsugekka 101. Lust Setsugekka Japanese sake that contains no alcohol. Despite being alcohol free, it will still get you drunk. Teruteru, Fuyuhiko, Ibuki, Peko
Present 102 Rose In Vitro 102. Rose In Vitro A small rose stored inside a test tube. It's good for both hellos and farewells. In the language of flowers, a red rose means passionate love. Hiyoko★, Mahiru★, Chiaki★, "Byakuya", Kazuichi, Teruteru, Nekomaru, Fuyuhiko, Akane, Sonia, Mikan, Ibuki, Peko
Present 103 Skullhead Mask 103. Skullhead Mask A creepy skull mask that appears in “Time Travelers”. The lackeys of the terrorist Skelton are known to wear this. Chiaki★, Gundham, Sonia, Ibuki

Image Item Description Preferred By
Present 104 Replica Sword 104. Replica Sword A sword for display purposes. The sheath has a scratch on it, and the gold foil near the hilt is scraped off. It doesn't look very valuable...

Giving this to someone in Chapter 1 unlocks a bonus scene.

Present 105 An An Aan 105.

An An Aan

A fashion magazine for teenage girls and women in their twenties. Its articles about topics such as the latest fashion trends, cooking techniques, and tips for appearing more feminine have made it extremely popular

Giving this to someone in Chapter 1 unlocks a bonus scene.

Present 106 Man's Nut 106. Man's Nut A huge nut that can't be found in nature. It's said to exist within a man's heart. It's said that consuming this will increase your power to pursue romance.

Talking to someone with this in Chapter 2 unlocks a bonus scene.

Present Compact Costume 107. Compact Costume By chanting a secret spell, this mysterious compact mirror will transform you into anything. Even if you're a girl who doesn't stand out much, this item will help put you at the front and center. Mahiru★, Fuyuhiko, Sonia, Ibuki, Peko
Present Angel's Fruit 108. Angel's Fruit Despite its toxic appearance, this fruit bears a sweetness that will take you to heaven. However, they say that those who eat this fruit will be possessed by evil and fall to the dark side. Gundham★, Teruteru, Akane, Ibuki
Present 109 Bandage Wrap 109. Bandage Wrap A cloth bandage wrap used to treat wounds. In some cases, you can also use this to demonstrate your morbidity or cruelty. Mikan★, Akane, Ibuki
Present Secret Wind Sword Book 110. Secret Wind Sword Book A book documenting a certain sword technique named after "Sayaka M." The beautiful movements of this technique look like you're cutting through fluttering flower petals. Even the sword itself looks like it's singing. Peko★, Nagito, Fuyuhiko, Hiyoko, Ibuki
Present Summer Festival Tree 111. Summer Festival Tree The debut single of the boy band, Black Cherry. This song became a huge hit due to its rhythmic beat and catchy lyrics about summer.

Giving this to someone in Chapter 3 unlocks a bonus scene. And it is a reference to “Summer Festival”, the 3rd single of the boy band “Whiteberry”.

Present Hagakure Crystal Ball 112. Hagakure Crystal Ball A broken crystal ball held together with adhesive tape. The previous owner used this item to predict the future. 30 percent of the time, he was accurate 100 percent of the time. None
Present Battler Taro 113. R/C 4WD Battler Taro A manga about a boy named Taro who fights using RC cars. Children across Japan cried when Taro said this line in the final chapter: "Adults will never understand! A goal is still a goal, even if it's a reverse run!"

Giving this to someone in Chapter 3 unlocks a bonus scene.

Present Used Carrot 114. Used Carrot A carrot given by Monomi. It’s been used so much that's practically scraped clean. (sic)


Image Item Description
Present 115 Nagito's Undergarments 115. Nagito's Undergarments Nagito's boxer shorts. Even when the laundry got soaking wet from a sudden rainstorm, this pair of lucky underwear was the only thing that stayed dry.
Present 116 Byakuya's Undergarments 116. Byakuya's Undergarments Byakuya's favorite high-end underwear. It comes from the only brand that the truly elite will wear.
Present 117 Gundham's Undergarments 117. Gundham's Undergarments Gundham's favorite invisible underwear. You can't tell if it's really there or not. Apparently, humans with low astral vision cannot see it.
Present 118 Kazuichi's Undergarments 118. Kazuichi's Undergarments Kazuichi's favorite trunks. A popular brand among mechanical men due to its "Repair the Now, Create the Now" ad campaign. That kind of feeling shines through the colorful design.
Present 119 Teruteru's Undergarments 119. Teruteru's Undergarments Teruteru's favorite briefs. It's a pretty expensive pair of underwear, perfect for someone who wishes to be seen as a cool, adult man.
Present 120 Nekomaru's Undergarments 120. Nekomaru's Undergarments Nekomaru's favorite briefs. They were created by Military World, the historically renowned men's underwear manufacturer. Only the best of team managers are allowed to wear them.
Present 121 Fuyuhiko's Undergarments 121. Fuyuhiko's Undergarments Fuyuhiko’s favorite underwear. Despite that, it doesn't seem like he wears them because he likes them. Apparently he doesn't have strong feelings toward his underwear.
Present 122 Akane's Undergarments 122. Akane's Undergarments Akane's favorite panties. They emphasize freedom of movement, so they don't interfere with fighting.
Present 123 Chiaki's Undergarments 123. Chiaki's Undergarments Chiaki's favorite panties. The cute 8-bit pixel pattern is both retro and modern.
Present 124 Sonia's Undergarments 124. Sonia's Undergarments Sonia's favorite regal undergarments. The modest lace conveys an air of refined sophistication.
Present 125 Hiyoko's Undergarments 125. Hiyoko's Undergarments Hiyoko's favorite panties. They're actually sized for children in order to fit her body more comfortably.
Present 126 Mahiru's Undergarments 126. Mahiru's Undergarments Mahiru's panties. It seems she has an eye for detail when it comes to undergarments.
Present 127 Mikan's Undergarments 127. Mikan's Undergarments Mikan's favorite panties. She often gets the wrong size, so these are a little small.
Present 128 Ibuki's Undergarments 128. Ibuki's Undergarments Ibuki's favorite panties. These Harakuju-style panties perfectly capture Ibuki's cheeriness.
Present 129 Peko's Undergarments 129. Peko's Undergarments Peko's favorite black thong. She wears these for all her kendo competitions.


Image Item Description
Present 130 Wooden Stick 130. Wooden Stick A wooden stick Monomi found on the island. It gives you the courage to fight. This unlocks Monomi Mode, which is even more fun than the actual game.
Present 131 Usami Strap 131. Usami Strap An item that splits the world. There's a paradise waiting on the other end. This unlocks Island Mode, which is even more fun than the actual game.
Present 132 Danganronpa IF 132. Dangan Ronpa IF A novel that depicts an alternate Danganronpa. This unlocks Novel Mode, which is even more fun than the actual game.
Present 133 Fosho Broken Wand 133. Fosho Broken Wand Proof that you've cleared the Prologue. Usami had this magic stick, but it's seriously broken, fosho.
Present 134 3 Star Badge 134.

3 Star Badge

Proof that you've cleared Chapter 1. A memento of Teruteru Hanamura. It’s filled with the boastings and pride that have made countless gourmands roar with ecstasy.
Present 135 Black Dragon Blade 135. Black Dragon Blade Proof that you've cleared Chapter 2. A memento of Peko Pekoyama. The highest quality bamboo sword, this ancient and honorable weapon has been passed down through each generation of Pekoyamas.
Present 136 Nurse's Apron 136. Nurse's Apron Proof that you've cleared Chapter 3. A memento of Mikan Tsumiki. It’s soaked with the smell of medicine.
Present Hell Hound Earring 137. Hell Hound Earring Proof that you've cleared Chapter 4. Proof of being the top breeder. When it's worn by Gundham Tanaka, its true power shines through.
Present Gamer's Backpack 138. Gamer's Backpack Proof that you've cleared Chapter 5. A memento of Chiaki Nanami. Apparently, it was a present from a certain gaming magazine.
Present Giant Cellphone 139. Giant Cell Phone Proof the you've cleared Chapter 6. A memento of Junko Enoshima. This hopelessly decorated cellphone will no longer reach anyone.
EasterEgg 140. Easter Egg Proof that you cleared the Epilogue. A monument bearing words of resolution. The following words are inscribed on the front: "Goodbye Academy of Despair".


  • Present #104 from the second game, "Replica Sword" is a reference to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, in which it was the replica sword from the first case. It also mentions the nicks and the gold paint on the sheath and grip.
  • After obtaining a new item, there is a small chance that "LUCKY!" will appear onscreen in green letters, and the MonoMono Machine will then drop an extra item. Said item has the same repeat chance as if you spent a certain amount of coins (exact value unknown), and can even trigger the same lucky process again, if you are lucky enough.

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