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Sonia-Nevermind-Pixel-for-Jpn-Template The article below is based on non-localized content only available in Japanese.

As such, all information in this article is based on fan-contributed translations.

Monokuma Ondo
Japanese モノクマおんど
Romaji Monokuma Ondo
Artists Kobayashi Sachiko feat. Monokuma (CV: Nobuyo Ōyama)
Length 1:30
Episodes Used Opening for Danganronpa: The Animation - Episode 04
Album DANGANRONPA The Animation Original Soundtrack

Monokuma Ondo (モノクマおんど; lit. Monokuma Song) is the special opening song used in episode 4 in the anime adaptation of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The song is featured in the Original Soundtrack from the anime.


Ah sore Ah doushita Sore sore sore sore Ah doushita Ah sore

Kiyoku tadashiku utsukushii Seiron bakkari no yo no naka dakedo

Ah sore sore sore

Minna honne ga miekakure Hotondo marumie na miekakure

Ah doushita doushita doushita

Wakuwaku no dokidoki Yaritai houdai yatte mo iissu ka Kuuki yomazu ni kamitsuite

Ah yoisho Hikkakimawashite upupunopu Ah doushita Warubirezu ni hito wo kuu

Ah sore Extreme na monokuma ondo Sore sore sore sore Hito erabazu kamitsuite

Ah yoisho Hoe chirakashite ahaha Ah doushita Egao no mama hito wo kuu

Ah sore Nikukawairashiku monokuma ondo

Ah doushita Ah sore

C'mon What's wrong? C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon What's wrong? C'mon

This is a pure, just, and beautiful world Where everyone strives to be right

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon

But we play hide-and-seek with our feelings Though it's only too easy to see through it all

What's wrong?

Our hearts are racing in excitement Can we just do whatever we want? Oblivious, we take the bait

There we go And mess everything up, upupu What's wrong? We calmly devour each other

C'mon Extreme is the Monokuma Song C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon We snap at anyone and everyone

There we go And roar all over the place, ahaha What's wrong? We devour each other with a smile on our face

C'mon Hateful yet adorable is the Monokuma Song

What's wrong? C'mon



  • The opening features a BTB-like system.
  • Monokuma Ondo ("The Monokuma Song") is actually somewhat similar to Doraemon no Uta or "The Doraemon Song" - the famous opening theme of the Doraemon TV show, adding to the intentional similarities between Monokuma and Doraemon, who are both voiced by voice actress Nobuyo Ōyama. Both songs follow a similar tempo, and are sung by a female singer while Monokuma/Doraemon chant their signature phrases in between the lines. Also, the last line of Monokuma Ondo - 憎かわいらしくモノクマおんど nikukawairashiku Monokuma ondo; lit. The Hateful yet Adorable Monokuma Song is reminiscent of the last line of "Doraemon no Uta" - とても大好きドラえもん totemo daisuki Doraemon; lit. The most lovable Doraemon.

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