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Monokuma Plushies is a collectible item spread throughout Jabberwock Island to be collected by Hajime Hinata featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.


The Plushies are spread by Monokuma across Jaberwock Island. The plushies are featured in all Danganronpa 2 chapters (excluding Chapter 0) that the player must find them to earn the "Be Beary, Beary Quiet" and "I Should Start a Circus" trophies. In addition, hidden Monokumas provide players with coins, which can then be used to buy gifts for other characters.

Content and Locations

The First Island

  • High on the wall in your room, to the right.
  • Next to the vending machine in Rocketpunch Markets. It's low.
  • Look to the right in the Airport. Monokuma is on a piece of red luggage.
  • Below the bookshelf in the Old Building's office, to the left.
  • In the room of the first victim.

The Second Island

  • Go to Chandler Beach and look in the water to the left. There's Monokuma in a life saver.
  • Look to the right in the Pharmacy. Monokuma is on the top of the aisle.
  • On the second floor of the Library, to the right (but slightly left of the big statue).
  • Find the second victim and then enter the closet in the Chandler Beach house. He's near the ceiling to the left.
  • Behind the TV in the second victim's room.

The Third Island

  • On the right side of the Theater, in the lobby.
  • You'll see four circles on the left side of Electric Ave, above the shop. Monokuma is hidden in the bottom left one.
  • In the hospital, on the end opposite of the stairs. You have to go down the hallway and turn right to get there.
  • On the ceiling of the conference room in the hospital.
  • In the bathroom of the next Hiyoko Saionji's motel room.

The Fourth Island

  • In the third to last seat of the rollercoaster, near the back.
  • On the left side of Nezumi Castle. Look just left of the entrance sign. It can be hard to spot.
  • Monokuma is clearly in the large pail in Strawberry House.
  • Near the middle bookshelf in the Monokuma Archive.
  • Under the desk in the deluxe room of Strawberry House.

The Fifth Island

  • On the right side of the vendor stalls.
  • Go to the Factory and look near the plushies. Monokuma is on top.
  • Near the warehouse at the Military Base. Look above the trucks.
  • On the right side of Sea King Industries, in the distance.
  • In the bathroom of the next Nagito Komaeda's room.

Hope's Peak Academy

  • On the ceiling of the starting classroom.
  • In the bleachers in the gym, to the left.
  • Under the desk of the Bio Lab.
  • Look to the right side of the Teacher's Lounge, under the counter.


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