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NG Code Poisoning is an execution featured in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Side: Future, with Daisaku Bandai, Sonosuke Izayoi, Koichi Kizakura, and Kyoko Kirigiri being executed individually.


The execution is tied to the Monokuma bangles worn by participants of the Final Killing Game; specifically, to the NG Codes (or Forbidden Actions) displayed by each one. If a participant violates their NG Code, the bangle detects this and injects a lethal, fast-acting poison into the violator's bloodstream, indicated by a small electronic jingle.

The poison rapidly spreads through the victim's body, turning the left side of their body dark purple. Their blood vessels become engorged, particularly in the left eye, which turns red and begins "crying" blood as a result of the increased pressure. The victim usually dies moments later.

Seiko Kimura attempted to save Daisaku from his NG Code poisoning with one of her drugs, but failed. It was later revealed that the Ultimate Pharmacist had developed a new drug during the Final Killing Game; if someone took the medicine before the bracelet was activated, they would enter a comatose state instead of dying upon injection of the poison. Kyoko was thus able to survive by taking the drug prior to her NG Code activating - although she appeared lifeless to her friends afterwards, the physical effects were much less severe, and she suffered from no lingering side effects after being revived by Mikan Tsumiki.

List of Victims

Profile Name NG Code End Status Fate
Monokuma official design DR3 Monokuma Laughing out loud Active Exploded after getting injected by showing an example in the Killing Game
Bandai transparent
Daisaku Bandai Witnessing violence between participants. Deceased Injected with poison
(1st NG code violation, 2nd death overall)
Sounosuke Izayoi
Sonosuke Izayoi Putting food in his mouth. Deceased Injected with poison
(2nd NG code violation, 6th death overall)
Koichi Kizakura
Koichi Kizakura Opening his left hand. Deceased Injected with poison
(3rd NG code violation, 7th death overall)
Kirigiri DR3
Kyoko Kirigiri Passing the 4th time limit with Makoto Naegi alive. Alive
Injected with poison; Enters comatose state.
(4th NG code violation)


  • This is the second execution to be used against more than one person, following After School Lesson from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. It is also the first execution to be canonically used against multiple individuals.
  • Victims of NG Code poisoning bear a certain resemblance to Monokuma, having a darkened left side and a red left eye as a result of the poison.
  • As a form of execution, the condition to trigger the NG Code is tied to the person's behavior, skills, or things that they treasured.
  • Koichi and Kyoko both deliberately triggered their executions as part of a sacrifice to save other participants of the Final Killing Game: Koichi directly violated his NG Code to save Kyoko from certain death, while Kyoko deliberately concealed her NG Code from her friends to ensure that Makoto Naegi wouldn't act recklessly to try and save her before the fourth sleeping phase.
  • According to Monokuma, the poison in the bangles would also be injected if a participant attempted to forcibly remove the bangle from their wrist.
  • The victims of the NG Code Poisoning were all male. The only female to be affected was Kyoko, who managed to survive by taking Seiko Kimura's cure.


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