Blast Off! Second Ignition (ニュー宇宙旅行 nyū uchūryokō lit. New Space Journey) is a failed execution featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. The reason why it failed was that Kaito Momota, the one who was supposed to be executed, succumbed to his illness before the execution killed him.


Mirroring the original Blast Off!, Kaito is seen inside a classroom along with Monokuma who then presses a button that triggers an iron maiden-like rocket behind Kaito. Right before it could take off to space, it suddenly turns upside down and goes underground instead.

The rocket continues and it eventually passes through the earth and reaches space. Just right after Kaito sees the stars, he smiles before coughing a heavy amount of blood, which splatters on the window. He then succumbed to his death due to his implanted chronic disease before he could be executed, causing the execution to fail. An "Error" message appears on the rocket, before finally falling and crashing into the classroom where the survivors were in.

K1-B0 immediately protects his friends from the falling rocket, causing his ahoge to fall. The rocket opens, revealing Kaito's dead body. The failure of the execution made Monokuma incredibly upset, as Kaito proved that he was able to die on his own terms.


  • This execution is a reference to Jin Kirigiri's execution Blast Off! with both of them involving being locked in iron maiden rockets and launched into space.
  • In the English and French localization, during the Monokuma button animation, the background was changed into the original courtroom featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc due to the change of the design of the courtroom. This is an exclusive background for the localization as in the original Japanese version maintains its original background.
  • This is the only execution where the Blackened dies before being properly executed by Monokuma.
  • This is the first execution in Danganronpa V3 in which none of the Monokubs are also killed.


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