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Panic Talk Action (P.T.A. for short) is a minigame/event in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. It occurs during Class Trials when someone refuses to accept an accusation of murder or something else, forcing Hajime Hinata to break through their assertions.

The Panic Talk Action is similar to the Bullet Time Battle from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and the Argument Armament from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.


The P.T.A. plays out similarly to the Bullet Time Battle; the player must obliterate the player's opponent's assertions and destroy the "Soul Shields" protecting them from the player's evidence. The player must lock on to assertions by following the tempo, which increases as the player obliterate more assertions successfully, but decreases when the player miss more. When an assertion is locked onto, the player will fire automatically to destroy it once all other assertions in the attack are targeted - any missed assertions will damage the player and reduce the player's Influence Gauge.

At the end of the P.T.A., once the player destroys all Soul Shields, the opponent will make a final argument, and four partial or full words will appear on the top, left, right and bottom of the screen. Each word is tied to a certain button; the player must activate them in the correct sequence to provide the evidence the player need to destroy the opponent's argument. If the player create the correct word, the player will break through the contradiction and complete the P.T.A. If the player fail to create the word, the player will lose Influence and the player's opponent will restore some of their Soul Shields, forcing the player to break through again.

Should the player run out of time, or Influence, the player will lose the P.T.A.

Additional mechanics appear throughout the game.

  • In Chapter 2, the player gain Fever Time and the player's opponent gains Nega Time. Fever Time increases tempo to the maximum setting and allows the player to lock on and later reload at the player's own pace as the player cannot miss the tempo. In Nega Time, the tempo markers disappear, but the player can use Fever Time to counter it.
  • In Chapter 3, the player's stock of bullets becomes limited. The player can only lock on to as many contradictions as the player have bullets, and the player must periodically reload the player's bullets.

Characters with Panic Talk Action