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Kanji ペット
Romaji Petto
Original Name
Game Source Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Genre Virtual Pet

Pets (ペット, Petto) is an minigame in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.


Throughout Danganronpa 2, the player will have a virtual pet that will be accessible through their e-Handbook. It is similar to a Tamagotchi. There are a total of six unique pets that the player can acquire.

The four stages of a pet are:

Pets Egg Form
Egg - 100 steps to hatch.
Pets Chibimi Form
Chibimi - 1000 steps to evolve
Pets Cocoon Form
Cocoon Form - 100 steps to evolve
Monokuma Pet
Last Evolution - Depends on type of pet.

After hatching from it's egg into a Chibimi, your pet will accumulate Hope and Despair depending on your actions. What pet evolves from Chibimi's cocoon form is determined by Chibimi's Hope and Despair levels prior to entering it's cocoon. If a pet accumulates 10 points of Despair it will die, and it will take another 2,000 steps to get a new egg.

Hope is raised by 1 point every time you give your pet a present. Pets have no preference for gifts - all gifts will have the same effect - so the cheapest gift to give your pet is Mineral Water, which can be purchased from the Vending Machine in Rocketpunch Market for 1 Monocoin. Hope will never decrease, no matter how much Despair accumulates.

Every 100 steps, your pet will poop. If you do not clean up after your pet, your pet's Despair will gradually raise. Despair will be lowered every time you give your pet a gift.

Keeping a pet alive for 2,000 steps after reaching adulthood will give the player rewards. You will receive an amount of Monokuma coins, 1-2 items and exp equal to approx 1-2 levels. Successfully raising Monokuma and Monomi for the first time will grant the player a skill.


Sprite Pet Hope Despair Details Ingame
Snakemi Snakemi 0-2 0-5 Rewards: 100 Monocoins, Ramune, Coconut Juice. Snakemi Animation
Shitimi Shitimi 0-2 6-9 Rewards: 250 Monocoins, Tissue, Tissue
Note: Shitmi will poop more often than other pets.
Shitimi Animation
Pigmi Pigmi 3-5 0-9 Rewards: 150 Monocoins, Cod Roe Baguette, Cloth Wrap Backpack Pigmi Animation
Gorimi Pixel Gorimi 6-8 0-9 Rewards: 125 Monocoins, Male Cylinder, Measuring Flask Gorimi Animation
Usami Pet Monomi
9-10 0-5 Rewards: 200 Monocoins, Century Potpurri
Skill: Menacing Focus
Monomi Animation
Monokuma Pet Monokuma 9-10 6-9 Rewards: 300 Monocoins, Memory Notebook
Skill: Tranquility
Note: Monokuma will not die after reaching 10 Despair.
Monokuma Pet Animation

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