Punishment of the Fighter (戦士のおしおき Senshi no oshioki) is an execution in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls with Kotoko Utsugi being executed, and successfully interfered by Genocide Jack.


Kotoko's robot clings to its chest with one of its hands, as if it were suffering from a heart attack, while the other is raised to the air. It then explodes in a fountain of hearts in front of Kotoko. She is then shown crying, in fear of her inevitable execution, as the Monokuma Kids appear to execute her.

However, Genocide Jack jumps in front of Kotoko, separating her from the Monokuma Kids before pushing her off. Kotoko loses her balance and falls into the arena bouncing three times before landing in front of a shocked Komaru Naegi with her underpants showing.


Later, Nagisa Shingetsu removes Komaru's bracelet, becoming a traitor. And Kotoko tries to save Toko Fukawa from Haiji Towa in return for her saving her life.

At the end of the game in the unlockable CG, as well as Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, it is shown that Kotoko survived the events of the game, along with the other Warriors of Hope.



  • It is still unknown as to why Genocide Jack decided to save Kotoko from her execution.
    • However, it should be noted that Toko was very upset when the other Warriors of Hope disappeared before she could ask where Byakuya Togami's whereabouts were. So she could have acted quickly during Kotoko's execution to find out Byakuya's location.
  • Kotoko is the only member of the Warriors of Hope who clearly survived the execution.
  • This execution is the second execution to have failed executing the guilty/lost characters, the other being After School Lesson, Makoto Naegi's version.
  • This is the second execution to be interrupted by another person, the first being One Woman Army.