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Sonia-Nevermind-Pixel-for-Jpn-Template The article below is based on non-localized content only available in Japanese.

As such, all information in this article is based on fan-contributed translations.

Saisei -rebuild- (再生-rebuild- lit. Rebirth -rebuild-) is the ending theme of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. It is performed by Megumi Ogata who voiced Makoto Naegi and Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

The song is featured in Ogata's album, Rebuild, which was released on January 25, 2012. It is also featured on the Danganronpa Original Soundtrack.


aiiro no sora de     akaitsuki yurete     ieji miushinau tori no you ni
tooi roji ura de     kuruisou na koe de     nakama shinobi naku neko no you ni

hiza wo kakaete     utsurou hitomi de     garasu goshi ni nani wo miteru no
kandou janakute     zanzou janakute     surinuketetta ai no shinkirou

itsumade soko ni iru no     nigashita ai wa mou keshite     modoranai no ni

☆ kagirinai sora wo uketomete     somaranai naka wo misete
togirenai toki no hakanasa wo     subete dakitomete yuke
tenshi yo, iki wo suikonde     futatabi sora wo mezase
chigireta tsubasa nugisutete     omou mama ni

yuutousei janai     kaikinshou iranai     hito no yasashisa shittesae ireba
nigedashite mo ii    tachidomatte ii    soko kara mata aruki daseru sa

dokomademo ikite yuke     nagashita namida wa keshite     uragiranai sa

★ hateshinai sora wo kakenukete     kawaranai naka wo misete
tomaranai toki no setsunasa wo     kakaenori koete yuke
tenshi yo iki wo hakidashite    oshiminai ai wo furase
sadame no tsubasa tsukiru made     nozomu mama ni

In the somber sky, the blood-red moon flickers like a bird that lost its way home
You're like a cat yowling crazily yet secretly for its friends in a remote alley

What are you looking at with a hollow gaze through the window, while hugging your knees?
The mirage of a love that slipped past you wasn't a wave of emotions nor was it an afterimage

How long are you going to stay there? The love that you let go of will never return

☆Take in the boundless azure sky and show me your unblemished heart
Catch all of those nonstop moments for how fleeting they are
Oh angel, take a breath and aim for the heavens once more
Strip off your tattered wings and go do as you like

You're not some honor student nor do you want an award for perfect attendance; if you know how kind people are,
then it doesn't matter whether you run away or stand still, you'll be able to start walking again from there

So live forever, the tears that you've shed were never in vain

★Dash through the endless azure sky and enthrall me with your unchanged heart
Overcome the pain of the unceasing flow of time as you hold it
Oh angel, breathe out and make love fall generously from above
Until your wings of fate are gone, go do as you want


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