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Sae Yozuru
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Novel Danganronpa Kirigiri (second novel)

    Sae Yozuru (夜鶴 冴 Yotsuru Sae) is a character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri Volume 2.


Sae is a fair-skinned tall widow. She has long dark purple hair that reaches her lower back, dark purple eyes, and pink lips. For her mourning garbs she wears a long sleeved black dress that reaches above her knees and shows her cleavage as well as a white pearl necklace.

Sae apparently has slash-shaped scars around her wrists, which are usually hidden under the sleeves of her dress.


Sae is a very depressed, lonely woman. She is very wary and tired, usually sleeping through most of the novel.


Danganronpa Kirigiri

Sae is draped over the sofa, appearing to be asleep. She is wearing mourning attire. Mikado Shinsen speaks to her, telling her it’s her turn to introduce herself. Sae first says she wants to die, then explains that her husband passed away the other day and an invitation to this auction was one of the things he had left behind. Sae came to this auction because she wanted to know what her stoic husband was after. While Sae appears to drift back to sleep, Yui Samidare notices slash scars on Sae's wrists peeking out from beneath her mourning suit and feels that they speak a lot about Sae's untold story.

In the end, Sae decided to use the insurance from her husband's death and the auction money to repay off her debts and flee with the remaining amount of money. However, she is later found with her head split open.


  • "Yozuru" (夜鶴) means "Night's Crane", matching her whole distinct color scheme.
  • The single character name "Sae" (冴) has four possible meanings: "clear", "cold", "serene" or "skillful".


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