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Sayaka Maizono's Idol Group is a unnamed idol group in Japan that existed prior to The Tragedy. Consisting of five girls led by Sayaka Maizono, the group gained popularity and fame after having done exceptional performances across the country.


Prior to The Tragedy

Although how exactly the idol group was formed is unknown, Sayaka stated that she had done many bad things in order to become an idol, so it is implied that this goes for the whole group. The girls became extremely popular, not only in Japan, but worldwide. They had so many fans and admirers that their own lead singer, Sayaka, was invited to Hope's Peak Academy and granted the title of Ultimate Pop Sensation.

During The Tragedy

Despite their success, the girls ended up disbanding the idol group when Sayaka was trapped in Hope's Peak Academy. The remaining four members later appeared in a video, in which they appeared to be dead. It is unknown whether the group was brought together and was either knocked unconscious or forced to cooperate in recording, as the video was meant to push Sayaka to commit murder as part of Monokuma's motive. The desperation that Sayaka held after watching the motive video drove her so far to carry out her plan to murder Leon Kuwata, which ended up backfiring herself as she was the one who was killed instead by Leon during the Killing School Life. Currently, it is unknown if the other idol members are aware of Sayaka's demise.

Following these events, it is revealed that Ayaka Haneyama, one of the member of Sayaka's idol group, was forced to participate in the Demon Hunting as a target of the Warriors of Hope. However, both she and fellow member, Satomi Aoba, were revealed to have survived The Tragedy. The statuses of the remaining two members are currently unknown.


Profile Status
Sayaka maizono performing
Sayaka Maizono
(舞園 さやか)
Ayaka preforming
Ayaka Haneyama
(羽山 あやか)
Satomi Aoba image
Satomi Aoba
(青葉 さとみ)
Unknown Idol Member (1)
Unknown Idol Member (2)


Sayaka Maizono Song 1
Sayaka Maizono Song 2
Sayaka Maizono Song 3
舞園さやか (大本眞基子) -
Maizono Sayaka (Ōmoto Makiko) - Negaigoto Ensemble
舞園さやか (大本眞基子) -
Maizono Sayaka (Ōmoto Makiko) - Monochrome Answer
舞園さやか (大本眞基子) -
Maizono Sayaka (Ōmoto Makiko) - I am Not the Target


  • Fans of the group, specifically Sayaka, self-identify as "Sayakers".
    • Komaru Naegi counts herself as a "Sayaker". She states Sayaka is her favorite idol and that she also buys the group's CDs and merchandise with her monthly allowance.


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