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Seiunsai Toyano'oh
Whatever this guy's called
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Novel Danganronpa Kirigiri

    Mitsuru Toyano'oh (鳥屋尾 充 Toyanō Mitsuru), known by his stage name, Seiunsai Toyano'oh (鳥屋尾 青雲斎 Toyanō Seiunsai), is a character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri.

He is known for being escape artist whose skills rival that of Houdini. However, in reality, he is also a con artist being chased by Taehime Uozumi, due to selling counterfeit objects and robbing people of their money.


Seiunsai is a fair skinned fragile old man. He has long white hair tied in a ponytail and sideburns. He also has a long beard tied in the middle with a small pink ribbon, with the loose end curling back upward.

Seiunsai has a wrinkled face, pale brown eyes and a rather large nose with a large beauty mark on it. He usually wears a white suit with a white dress shirt underneath, as well as a black tie with a white polka dot pattern.


Seiunsai, according to Yui Samidare, is a very agreeable old man. Taehime has revealed that he is actually a skilled con artist, tricking people by dealing counterfeit art. Despite this he appears to be rather friendly and social with others, as he plays cards with Yuzen Minase, Akio Chage and Meruko Mifune.


Seiunsai is the second of the ten participants in Norman's Hotel's Duel Noir to be killed by the serial killer hiding amongst the group, following Akio.


  • His last name "Toyano'oh" (鳥屋尾) means "bird dealer's mountain slope". The character 尾 also means "tail" - matching how his beard curls.
  • His stage name, "Seiunsai" (青雲斎), means "high-order ritual purification". Being a stage name, the reason for its grandiose meaning is quite understandable.
  • His actual given name, "Mitsuru" (充), means "to be full", "to allot" and "to affect".


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