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Shita Enbi
Shiita Enbi
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Title DSC number 249
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Birth date Unknown (Age 28)
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Status Deceased
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Novel Danganronpa Kirigiri

   Shita Enbi (燕尾 椎太 Enbi Shīta) is a character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri.

Shita along with the other detectives are decapitated by the culprit.


Shita wears grey sunglasses, a black tanktop and a green coat.


Shita keeps mostly quiet throughout the whole thing.


Shita is a 28 year old detective and specializes in terrorist cases. His DSC number is 249.


  • The name "Shita" (椎太) is composed of the kanji 椎 - "oak" and 太 - "plump" or "thick" (although it could also figuratively mean "healthy"); making the name's overall meaning something along the lines of "thick like an oak". This could be a reference to Enbi's physique.
  • "Enbi" (燕尾) means "swallow's tail".

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