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Socki as it appears on the first page of the picture book.

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Socki the Sock (くつしたソックスちゃん kutsushita Sokkusu-chan) is a collectible picture book spread throughout Towa City to be collected by Komaru Naegi in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. The book stars a character of the same name.


The pages of the picture book are spread by the Monokuma Kids across Towa city, and can be found the same way the Warriors of Hope's "Hit List" entries can be found. Each page contains a picture accompanied by handwritten text which unfolds the story.

The heroine of the story is Socki, a white pair of socks worn on a pair of legs with two black dots for eyes, a button-shaped black nose, a mouth and two red dots for cheeks. Other characters appear in the book as well, all in the form of face-bearing pairs of socks. It's popular among kids.


Komaru and Socks chan

Komaru putting on Socki while her own socks lay beside her. (The image used when viewing the pages.)

First Page

Location: Near the construction site.

I'm Socki the Sock! You know, showing a little skin is nice, but...

I'd like to be noticed, too!

Second Page

Location: In a bookshelf in the hospital lobby.

Socki the Sock here! Rainy days are melancholy...

For some reason, it gets smelly.

Third Page

Location: In the sewer, after beating the Monokuma Kid's four vent holes challenge.

Other white shocks: “Back in the old days, I was the favorite!”

Other blue shocks: “Those old stories again!? You're living in the past!”

Socki: “P-please don't fight...”

Fourth Page

Location: On a stairs inside the Trick Room in the second floor of Towa Tower.

Other blue shocks: “Even if we get a little hole, they won't fix us... They just throw us away.”

Other white shocks: “We're just disposable anyway...”

Socki: “Don't say that!”

Fifth Page

Location: Near a woman corpse, in Towa Tower after the blackout happened.


I'm tired of this.

I should go inside the washing machine and get some sleep.

Sixth Page

Location: Behind boxes on the river banks.

Socki feels like socking all the socks!

Seventh Page

Location: Beside a seat inside a train in the subway station.

Other white socks: The first time you were inside me, I was fine but... Now I'm starting to get all loose...

Socki: Jeez, you're a dirty sock!

Eight Page

Location: Behind a fence in the second floor of Towa Group's secret factory.

She calls me unfashionable... You only look good in white socks.

If your virtue is still white, honey!

Ninth Page

Location: Behind a fence at the fourth floor of Towa Hills.

Socki: Navy Knee-High looks skinny. I'm so jealous!

Other blue socks: But Lord Goshun's mug is, like, sooo ugly! No filter is gonna make that face look pretty! That's why his profile pic is his dog! I'm telling you, our patterns just don't match... Seriously, it doesn't make any sense at all.

Tenth Page

Location: In front of Masaru's funeral.

I'm sorry... You must be embarassed by my hole. But I'm just so tired now...

For some reason, I feel really sleepy.

Thank you for everything. Please get along with the new kid too.

Ahh, that was fun...

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