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Justice Complete! The center of justice that is pierced by justice! The lead star of justice that shines in the night sky! That would be me...Sparkling Justice!

Sparkling Justice (キラキラセギ Kirakira Seigi) Kirakira-chan in the original Japanese, is a mentioned character in the Danganronpa series. They are an infamous serial killer.


Prior to The Tragedy

Sparkling Justice's point of origin is assumed to be Spain, according to Sonia Nevermind's mentions of how they speak only Spanish, and are not racially Japanese. During their life they decided to become a vigilante serial killer whose motif revolved around "justice" and killing other criminals. At some point in their life they went to Kingdom of Novoselic to be interviewed, and based on this interview Sonia says there was an anime based on them.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Sparkling Justice does not appear physically in Danganronpa 2, but they receive a few mentions in Chapter 2. They are first mentioned by Sonia when she meets Hajime Hinata in the library on the second island, explaining her love of serial killers. She brings up Sparkling Justice as an example and explains some points of their backstory, including how they talk about justice, speak in Spanish, and leave a mask at the scene of their kill.

Overhearing the conversation, Peko Pekoyama decided to incorporate Sparkling Justice into her plans to save Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu from the Killing School Trip by letting him get away with murder. After killing Mahiru Koizumi (supposedly on Fuyuhiko's implicit orders), she left a Sparkling Justice mask at the crime scene; later, during the Class Trial, she dons another mask and adopts the persona of Sparkling Justice in an attempt to get the class to vote for her as the blackened. While acting as Sparkling Justice, she boasts about justice, goes on with long-winded speeches, and uses emoticons in her speech - it is unknown if this is how Sparkling Justice actually is.

Peko's gambit worked; her apparent "revelation" as a prolific serial killer goaded the students to vote her as Mahiru's murderer. It was only after the vote that Sonia managed to convince everyone that Peko could not be Sparkling Justice - as Hajime recalled, the serial killer was based in the area of Spain, and could thus not be a Japanese schoolgirl like Peko. Fortunately for the rest of Class 77-B, further questioning and Fuyuhiko's own inability to uphold Peko's version of events led to Monokuma deciding that Peko was indeed Mahiru's murderer, saving them from mass execution.

Sparkilng Justice mast KK


It is unknown who Sparkling Justice actually is. In Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer it is hinted that Takumi Hijirihara is their true identity, based on the fact Takumi has spent time in Spain, has the Sparkling Justice mask, and even murders other killers exactly to that of Sparkling Justice's modus operandi.


  • “Justicia completa! El centro de justicia que es atravesado por la justicia! La estrella principal en la noche! Ese seria yo...Sparkling Justice!” (catchphrase translated to Spanish, as read by Sonia)


  • The mask Sparkling Justice is noted to wear is named the mask of Sun Witch ♪ Esper Ito.
  • The Sparkling Justice mask appears in the end credits of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc #01, where Peko wears it when she and the other members of Class 77-B attend a summer festival.
  • Sparkling Justice shares characteristics with one of Japan's most prominent mascots, Peko-chan of Fujiya Co., including the outward sticking tongue.


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