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Spike Chunsoft (株式会社スパイク・チュンソフト, Spike Chunsoft) is the company that created the Danganronpa Franchise. The company is the result of a merger between Spike and Chunsoft.

It was founded on April 1 2012.The Founder of Chunsoft is Kōichi Nakamura. He is a video game designer. He has created many games his first ever game was Door Door. The Headquarters of Spike Chunsoft is in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Products Released


Cover Name Release Date
Danganronpa cover art Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
ダンガンロンパ 希望の学園と絶望の高校生
Flag of Japan October 10, 2013
Flag of TW January 13, 2014
Flag of CN flag January 16, 2014
Flag of NA February 11, 2014
Flag of Europe February 14, 2014
DR2 PSP Cover Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
スーパーダンガンロンパ2 さよなら絶望学園
Flag of Japan October 10, 2013
Flag of TW April 24, 2014
Flag of NA September 2, 2014
Flag of Europe September 5, 2014
Reloadcover Danganronpa 1.2 Reload
ダンガンロンパ1・2 Reload
Flag of Japan October 10, 2013
Flag of NA March 14, 2017

Flag of Europe March 17, 2017

Another Episode Ultra Despair Girls english box art Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
絶対絶望少女 ダンガンロンパ
Flag of Japan September 25, 2014
Flag of CN flag July 24, 2015
Flag of NA September 1, 2015
Flag of TW September 2, 2015
Flag of Europe September 4, 2015
Flag of AUS September 10, 2015
South Korea Flag December 3, 2015
DRVR Cyber Danganronpa VR The Class Trial
Flag of Japan October 13, 2016
Flag of CN flag Octuber 13, 2016
Flag of NA March 7, 2017
Flag of Europe March 10, 2017
Danganronpa V3 Japanese Cover Full Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
ダンガンロンパV3 みんなのコロシアイ新学期
Flag of Japan January 12, 2017
Flag of NA September 26, 2017
Flag of Europe September 29, 2017


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