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The Student Council
Student council
Kanji {{{kanji}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Leader Kyosuke Munakata (former)
Soshun Murasame (former)
Status Disbanded
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Anime Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Side: Despair #07
Novel Danganronpa/Zero

The Student Council was an organization created by the Main Course students of Hope's Peak Academy.

The last known Student Council's members were killed during the first mutual killing game known as The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy, except for Soshun Murasame, who was badly wounded in the incident and a month later murdered by Yasuke Matsuda to protect Junko Enoshima, the culprit behind the incident.

Izuru Kamukura was blamed and believed to be the culprit who killed the whole Student Council, despite only killing one of them indirectly as self-defense. Junko spread rumors and also revealed that Izuru is the school's experiment, causing a riot known as the Parade, which eventually lead to the worldwide Tragedy.

List of Known Members

Profile Name Title Status
Soshun Murasame Ultimate Student Council President Deceased
Kotomi Ikuta Student Council Vice President Deceased
Kisaragi read
Karen Kisaragi Student Council Secretary Deceased
Suzuko Kashiki Unknown Deceased
Kiriko Nishizawa Unknown Deceased
Daiki Kubo Unknown Deceased
Aiko Umesawa Unknown Deceased
Shoji Yoko Unknown Deceased
Sosuke Ichino Unknown Deceased
Tsubasa Kamii Unknown Deceased
Taro Kurosaki Unknown Deceased
SC killing Pikachu girl
Tomohiko Goryoku Unknown Deceased
Asukasei Hino Unknown Deceased
Ryota Someya Unknown Deceased
Munakata transparent
Kyosuke Munakata (former) Ultimate Student Council President Alive/Graduated


Prior to The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy

Not much was known about other Student Councils before The Tradegy of Hope's Peak Academy, except that one of them was led by Kyosuke Munakata before his graduation.

The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy

The Student Council was sent a threatening, unknown video by Junko Enoshima, instructing them to meet in a classroom. Junko and Mukuro Ikusaba order them to kill each other, with the latter shooting a council member in the head to prove their seriousness. In addition, the two masterminds provided the students with incentives, which none, except Karen Kisaragi, bothered to touch.

Soshun Murasame successfully calmed the council down for a short time until Ryota Someya was stabbed through the heart by Karen, who's incentive informed her that her mother was dead (although it's heavily implied these motives contained false information). Due to Karen's outburst, the council started killing to defend themselves, murdering everyone in sight. Soshun managed to escape, although not without injuries, and suffered a blow to the head. The whole student council (with the exception of Soshun) was killed in minutes, with the last student being killed indirectly by Izuru Kamukura in an act of self-defense. These actions allowed Junko to frame Izuru as the mastermind behind the event.

Soshun, the council's remaining survivor, was the only one who knew of Junko's part in the student council's deaths. However, the experience and the blow to the head he had suffered had completely traumatized him, and he was left in an unresponsive state similar to coma. He received treatment from the school doctor, but it didn't seem to help. A month later, Soshun was met by the Ultimate Neurologist, Yasuke Matsuda. Yasuke attempted to get information out of Soshun, questioning him on the incident. Soshun finally became responsive, claiming that he has only been acting, but his state remained unstable and a bit aggressive. Soshun answered some of the questions, but then raged at the mention of Junko's name, seemingly losing any sanity he had left. Yasuke is then forced to kill him in order to protect Junko, who was his childhood friend. Later, Soshun's murder was disguised as a suicide.

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