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Various things Ultimate Despair did for the sake of despair

Ultimate Despair (超高校級の「絶望」chō kōkō kyū no "zetsubō") is an organization in the Danganronpa Series founded by Junko Enoshima.


Ultimate Despair are described as despair made into humans, and their goal is to make the entire world despair.

After their leader died in The Ultimate Punishment, most of the members followed her example and committed suicide. The ones who survived became known as the Remnants of Despair (絶望の残党 zetsubō no zantō). These survivors hacked up Junko's body and attached many of her body parts onto themselves. 

They did various things for the sake of despair and Junko Enoshima: starved themselves till their bodies were husks, some offered up their parents to Junko to use for experiments on murder, others slaughtered innocent civilians and forced them to kill themselves as a tribute to their dead leader, one removed their own eye and replaced it with Junko's, possibly to see her despair. It is also said members of Ultimate Despair attempted to produce children with Junko's corpse. It is notable that Nagito Komaeda took her left hand, although it does not function. They also started The Tragedy and kept it ongoing even after their leader's death. 

Eventually, the Future Foundation secured their custody - at first only aware that they were killing game survivors from Hope's Peak Academy. When Makoto Naegi and the 14th Division of the Future Foundation realized that the survivors were in fact members of Ultimate Despair, the survivors were made to enter the Neo World Program, where their memories were reset to before they were manipulated by Junko - generally resulting in them not recognizing each other. The plan was to overwrite their memories with good ones, to undo all the damage Junko had done to them.

Unfortunately this plan ended in failure, due to Junko's interference as a virus AI, uploaded into the program by Izuru Kamukura before they were put into the program. As a result, they ended up experiencing much of the same violent events as the "Class of 78" did. 

The ending of the Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair heavily implied that even though the Neo World Program did not successfully erase any memories at all, the remnants of Ultimate Despair may have kept their memories from inside the Neo World Program and were able to recant their status as Ultimate Despair. The surviving Remnants of Despair currently reside on Jabberwock Island and are attempting to find a way to awaken their comatose friends, while the Future Foundation left them alone and continued cleaning up the world and putting an end to The Tragedy. 

Member Relationships Edit

Despite Junko's claims, there are some abnormalities regarding the organization.  

In Danganronpa 2's Chapter 0, Izuru and Nagito Komaeda meet. However, their dialogue shows that they do not know each other, Izuru having no idea of Nagito or his Ultimate Ability, specifically noting when he understands that Nagito is implying it to be "luck", and Nagito specifically saying that he is meeting Izuru "for the first time" - in fact, he notes that this is strange, as he does recognize that Izuru should have been from Hope's Peak, correlating with Hope's Peak's attempts to hide Hajime's altered nature. Furthermore, their relationship with Junko is strange. Nagito claims to hate her, that he wants to kill her, though he is ecstatic that he was able to sew Junko's arm onto his own without rotting, taking her power because he hates her. However, he then proceeds to not know if he hates her or not, becoming confused and says "huh" two dozen times, as if he is stumbling over the idea. Izuru states that "using people is also a talent" and that it's "his turn to use that person" just as they used him - Nagito catching on that he's talking about the Ultimate Despair, Junko - and that sewing Junko's parts onto his body makes him "a boring person".  

Nagito states that he doesn't know what will happen once he gets to Jabberwock Island. Izuru claims to already know what will happen on the island, because he is loved by talent. Izuru also expresses opinions that may contradict the goals of "Ultimate Despair" - a disgust for talentless people that oppress those with talent. He says that those people have brought this world to a deadlock, and created a world that has stopped evolving. To Izuru, these people make no contributions to the world, and his teachers taught him that a certain degree of selection must be performed. Considering that the people in control are Ultimate Despair, and that the Killing School Trip will perform "selection" on which members of Ultimate Despair will survive, Izuru may have been intending to subvert Junko's ideals. However, this may also apply to the pre-Tragedy world, or even the Future Foundation. 

Whether or not Izuru's survival and Junko's death are against the plan, or are Izuru's intended outcome. Whether or not the Nagito we met was the original Nagito, or one affected by selective memory removal. Whether or not Nagito and Izuru were allies of Junko, or planned to kill her, or both. Whether or not Ultimate Despair actually agreed to this plan, or were ignorant of their fate. Whether or not Ultimate Despair is even a true organization, or merely a selection of people that Junko drove to Despair and immorality. All of these things are unknown and sufficiently questionable.  

Known MembersEdit

Name Title Status
Junko Enoshima Ultimate Fashionista Founder/Deceased
Mukuro Ikusaba

Ultimate Soldier

Monokuma Hope's Peak Academy Headmaster Active
Izuru Kamukura/Hajime Hinata Ultimate Hope (Former)/??? Former/Alive
Nagito Komaeda* Ultimate Lucky Student Comatose
Mikan Tsumiki* Ultimate Nurse Comatose
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu Ultimate Yakuza Former/Alive
Sonia Nevermind Ultimate Princess Former/Alive
Akane Owari Ultimate Gymnast Former/Alive
Kazuichi Soda Ultimate Mechanic Former/Alive
Nekomaru Nidai* Ultimate Team Manager Comatose
Peko Pekoyama* Ultimate Swordswoman Comatose
Teruteru Hanamura* Ultimate Cook Comatose
Hiyoko Saionji* Ultimate Traditional Dancer Comatose
Ibuki Mioda* Ultimate Musician Comatose
Gundham Tanaka* Ultimate Breeder Comatose
Mahiru Koizumi* Ultimate Photographer Comatose
Byakuya Togami (Danganronpa 2)* Ultimate Affluent Progeny (Imposter) Comatose

(Whether the members in comatose will wake up or denounce their status as Ultimate Despair is unknown.)


  • The Japanese word 残党 zantō used as "remnants" in the Japanese name of the "Remnants of Despair" is actually a more specific term meaning "remnants of a defeated faction/political party".

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