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Various things Ultimate Despair did for the sake of despair
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Ultimate Despair is an organization in the Dangan Ronpa series founded by Junko Enoshima. Its goal is to make the entire world despair.

After their leader died in The Ultimate Punishment, most of the members followed her example and committed suicide. The ones who survived hacked up Enoshima's body and attached many of her body parts onto themselves. 

They did various things for the sake of despair and Junko Enoshima: not eating to feel the despair of hunger, offering up their parent to Enoshima to use for experiments on murder, slaughtering innocent civilians and forcing them to kill themselves as a tribute to their dead leader. They also started The Tragedy and kept it ongoing even after their leader's death. 

Known MembersEdit

(*Comatose, not dead; whether they will wake up or denounce their status as Despair is unknown.)

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