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    Welcome to the first of hopefully regular monthly newsletters! These will be here to help create a better line of contact between us admins and you, the editors! They'll outline what we've been changing in the wikia as also noting future projects we hope you can help with! Not to mention AWARDS! File: Bustup 16 09.png|center|500px]]

    • Major Wikia Overhauls!
      • The Wikia's Layout! We've updated the colors and background and such to reflect the new game. :) We hope you like it and find it pleasing to the eye!
      • The Homepage! As you might of noticed it's been revamped completely. New icons, new layout (both of these thanks to Mirai Moon), new news section (thanks to Anime Dude14, etc! We hope you find it to be cleaned and much easier to use.
      • The Navbar! While I'm still working on parts of it, it's still been made far more seamless in finding many of the wikia's pages. :D

    • Major Wikia Updates!
      • NDRV3 Pages! While we are missing some, they've slowly have begun to be added thanks to all of you! The ones we have are also being updated. Don't stop now!
      • Super Danganronpa 2.5! With the OVA being released and subbed within the month, we've seen plenty of content. There's still plenty more we need added so don't be shy to help out!
      • Portal Pages! On most of the Franchise pages, I've created a portal page containing all of the pieces of media within that Franchise topic.

    • Community Projects! There are... a lot!
      • Galleries! By far the biggest project I believe that needs doing. There are some spoiler galleries in there, so just avoid them and be wary. Details can be found Dangan_Ronpa_Wiki:Gallery_Clean-Up|here]].
      • Stubs! As per usual as most wikias, we have stubs that need attending. Details can be found here.
      • Spoiler Stubs! Just like above, only these stubs involve v3 content and therefor are considered spoilery. Obviously. Found Category:Article_Spoiler_Stubs|here!
      • Spoiler Sprite Gallery Quality Checks! A much more advanced project, these spoiler sprite galleries have a great need of being made transparent by experienced editors. Let me ( Monollama ) know if you want to help! They are found Category:Spoiler_Sprite_Quality_Check|here!

    • Annnnd Finally, Awards! Like I announced in an earlier post, I have decided to reward you editors by all your hard work with some nice little awards! Originally I had them as ranking system, but I found out quickly that was too difficult to discern so I simply decided on one award I'd give to multiple people.

    DRWikia Award NDRV3 Jan17

    DRWikia Award NDRV3 Major

    Congratulations to the winners, we thank you so very much for all your work, and best of luck for next month! Later I'll create a Hall of Fame page so everyone can forever remember you help for this wikia! File: Bustup 16 13.png|center|500px]] I believe that's everything, if I find out I missed something important I will edit this or simply post below. If you have any questions, concerns, or anything like that, don't be afraid to comment below or on my profile page.

    -- With Love and Hope, the Mod Staff.

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