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    Hello dear editors, welcome to the SECOND monthly newsletter! We have quite a few things to round up so let's get started.
    File:Bustup 16 09.png|center|500px]]

    • Major Wikia Overhauls!
      • The Navbar and Homepage! We've put the finishing touches on both of these things, there's still some minor things I'd like to add to the Navbar when we actually add the pages but overall it's done! The Homepage will officially update monthly with new polls, character birthday months, and new featured articles!
      • Tophat Infoboxes! If you may have noticed, I've implemented several new infoboxes at the top of the page. They indicate pages that need various amounts of work, give warnings for spoilers, and indicate what an article is.
      • Page Overhauls! School Mode, Island Mode, Danganronpa Another Episode Collectibles, and Sakura Ogami received major overhauls.

    • Major Wikia Updates!
      • Pages! So Many Pages! The wikia has begun to add several sets of pages, such as Merchandise, Collectibles, Events, and most importantly, Voice Actors! Most of these are in part, thanks to Scottier! :D
      • Franchise Pages! The character sections of franchise pages have slowly been getting updated with a much more organized version.
      • Translation Credit! More of a new policy I'll officially implement later, but I've begun crediting properly to our hard working translators and their work.
      • Official Twitter! Yes, Admin Joseph started up the official wikia twitter again! It can be found here.

    • Community Projects! There are... a lot!
      • Galleries! By far the biggest project I believe that needs doing. There are some spoiler galleries in there, so just avoid them and be wary. Details can be found Dangan_Ronpa_Wiki:Gallery_Clean-Up|here]].
      • Stubs! As per usual as most wikias, we have stubs that need attending. Details can be found here.
      • Spoiler Stubs! Just like above, only these stubs involve v3 content and therefor are considered spoilery. Obviously. Found :Category:Article_Spoiler_Stubs|here!
      • Spoiler Sprite Gallery Quality Checks! A much more advanced project, these spoiler sprite galleries have a great need of being made transparent by experienced editors. Let me ( Monollama ) know if you want to help! They are found Category:Spoiler_Sprite_Quality_Check|here!
      • Translation Help! There are a number of pages that need help of an experienced translator to translate Japanese to English. They are found Category:Translation_Needed|here!
      • Language Team-Up! We're teaming up with other language version of Danganronpa Wikia! For more information, see this post! [edited]

    • Finally! Let's give it everything we got! It's award time!
    DRWikia Award NDRV3 Feb17
    • For our Ultimate Contributor Award for the month of February 2017 are ~
      • Scottier
      • Megidolaeon9999
      • Toivous
      • XSugarCandyGalaxy

    DRWikia Award NDRV3 Major
    • Annnd for our Major NDRV3 Contributor Award Winners for this Month are ~
      • Megidolaeon9999
      • PhotoshopGamma

    Congratulations to the winners, we thank you so very much for all your work, and best of luck for next month!

    (And yes I've been lazy on creating the Hall of Fame page, so sorry about that. I'll get on it soon.)



    • New Mod Staff Applications! This wikia needs a TON of TLC, and to help with that I've decided to add more staff to our team! Of course applications will be accepted when I make the official post, but I wanted you all to be aware of this super duper important news. We'll be looking for various levels of admin power, so look forward to that happening soon!

    File:Bustup 16 03.png|center|500px]]

    I believe that's everything, if I find out I missed something important I will edit this or simply post below. If you have any questions, concerns, or anything like that, don't be afraid to comment below or on my profile page.

    -- With Love and Hope, the MONOKUBZ Staff.

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    • File:Fujisaki_(04).png|250px|left]]Thank you so much for your recognition Bee, and for the award, adminokumas! You all work hard to make this Wikia better for everyone and I enjoy trying to help out as much as I can. I've always got lots more ideas so I'll keep trying my best.

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    • Aw, thanks for nominating! Congrats, everyone! It was really fun and I really enjoy helping this wiki :)

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    • Wow, I'm honestly kind of shocked since I only helped out with the wiki for about a week or so this month and only a couple pages. Not that I'm complaining of course. lol.

      Hope to contribute more to this wiki down the line and look forward to working with you all. :)

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    • You added several much needed quality paragraphs to our v3 character pages in such short amount of time you deserved it. Honestly it's a little scary. :P

      Also you are all very welcome! I'm happy you enjoy my awards. <3

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    • I forgot to mention, you are free to use these awards as you please! Such as sticking them on your profile!

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    • Ahhhhh, lol. No problem. I suppose you could say I have a lot of free time on my hands. XD

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    • Congratulations for getting the award, everyone! I hope you guys keep contributing and help the staff with their projects!

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    • AHH hey, thank you so much!! I'm happy to be of help here, especially since it seems like transparent V3 sprites are much needed c:

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