• Danganronpa: The Animation has officially arrived in Italy! Available on Youtube.

    A year ago, Yamato Animation (FUNimation's Italian version) bought the rights for both DR1 and DR3 and the first series finally came out.

    The first game was already fan-translated a few years ago by All-Ice Team but I'm still happy it officially came out, especially that a possible dub is also coming.

    Just wanted to say this... I'll update each character's talent with their respective Italian translation :)

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    • That's awesome! If you could please also add screenshots to this thread with their officially translated talents as you find them (and translate them, if you're willing!), I'd really appreciate it, as I'm more or less the project head of translated talents and it would help a lot with sourcing. I'll be more than happy to help organise them.

      I just added this news to twitter, and made sure to thank you!

      Char Talent Italian Lit. Translation
      Makoto Luck Super Fortunato Liceale SHSL Lucky Person
      Hope Super Speranza Liceale SHSL Hope
      Hina Swimmer Super Nuotatrice Liceale SHSL Swimmer
      Byakuya Progeny Super Rampollo Liceale SHSL Nobel Son
      Celestia Gambler Super Scommettitrice Liceale SHSL Gambler
      Chihiro Programmer Super Programmatrice Liceale SHSL Programmer
      Hifumi Fanfic Super Autore di Dojinshi Liceale SHSL Dojinshi Author
      Junko Fashionista Super Gal Liceale SHSL Model
      Despair Super Disperazione Liceale SHSL Despair
      Taka Moral Super Addetto Disciplinare Liceale SHSL Discipline Monitor
      Kyoko ??? Super ??? Liceale SHSL ???
      Detective Super Investigatrice Liceale SHSL Investigator
      Leon Baseball Super Promessa del Baseball Liceale SHSL Baseball Prodigy
      Mondo Biker Super Centauro Liceale SHSL Biker
      Sakura Martial Arts Super Karateka Liceale Super Karate Practitioner
      Sayaka Idol Super Idol Liceale SHSL Idol
      Toko Writer Super Topo di Biblioteca Liceale SHSL Bookworm
      Hiro Clairvoyant Super Chiaroveggente Liceale SHSL Clairvoyant
      Super Serial Killer Liceale SHSL Serial Killer
      Soldier Super Soldato Liceale SHSL Soldier
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    • Thanks! It's a pleasure! ^_^

      About the Italian, I have these as of now: 

      (I apologize for the Yamato Video logo at the bottom right)

      They did add the translated talent on top but it is small.

      Genocider Sho:

      "Super Serial Killer Liceale"

      ("Super High School Level Serial Killer")

      Mukuro Ikusaba:

      "Super Soldato Liceale"

      ("Super High School Level Soldier")

      Junko Enoshima:

      "Super Disperazione Liceale"

      ("Super High School Level Despair")

      Makoto Naegi:

      "Super Speranza Liceale"

      ("Super High School Level Hope")

      • Hope's Peak Academy is "Accademia Picco della Speranza" ("Hope's Peak Academy") even thought sometimes it is referred as "Liceo" ("High School")
      • Makoto's talent is "Super Fortunato Liceale" ("Super High School Level Lucky"). However, it's pretty generic. If someone is "fortunato", then it means they're just "lucky". I didn't know how to translate it because it works with either "Super High School Level Lucky Person" or "Super High School Level Lucky Student"
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    • Thank you!

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    • So, what should be used for Makoto? Lucky Person or Lucky Student ?

      And you're welcome! :D

      Sayaka Maizono:

      "Super Idol Liceale"

      ("Super High School Lvel Idol")

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    • Really it depends on what sounds most natural based on what the Italian translation is. :) Don't be worried about being literal! I translated the French and German and some of them divert a lot from the source material. Like Ultimate Bookworm!

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    • Well, I guess I'll go with Lucky Person then :)

      A question, the episodes' titles have been translated, should they be added too?


      Yasuhiro Hagakure: "Super Chiaroveggente Liceale". ("Super High School Level Clairvoyant")


      Aoi Asahina: "Super Nuotatrice Liceale". ("Super High School Level Swimmer")


      Sakura Ohgami: "Super Karateka Liceale". ("Super High School Level Karate Player")


      Chihiro Fujisaki: "Super Programmatrice Liceale". ("Super High School Level Programmer")


      Celestia Ludenberck: "Super Scommettitrice Liceale". ("Super High School Level Gambler")


      Hifumi Yamada: "Super Autore di Dojinshi Liceale". ("Super High School Level Dojinshi Author")


      Leon Kuwata: "Super Promessa del Baseball Liceale". ("Super High School Level Baseball Prodigy")

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    • How interesting that Italian retained Doujinshi!

      I would be interested in translated episode titles! Perhaps it can go in an International Releases section on the page near the bottom? I can't remember if the French version has translated episode names but the German certainly did.

      Can you please also add them in this thread? When you're finished I'll sort all your information in a table so this thread can be sourced :)

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    • Yeah they did a pretty good translation :)

      Kyoko Kirigiri is the "Super Investigatrice Liceale" ("Super High School Level Investigator")


      Junko Enoshima: "Super Gal Liceale". ("Super High School Level Model")


      Mondo Ohwada: "Super Centauro Liceale". ("Super High School Level Biker")


      Kiyotaka Ishimaru: "Super Addetto Disciplinare Liceale". ("Super High School Level Discipline Monitor")


      Touko Fukawa: "Super Topo di Biblioteca Liceale". ("Super High School Level Bookworm")


      Byakuya Togami: "Super Rampollo Liceale". ("Super High School Level Noble Son")

      And the characters are done! ^_^

      Sure, I will add the translated episodes as soon as I can!

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    • Translated episodes' titles:

      • Episode 1: "Benvenuti all'accademia Disperazione - #01 Prologue" ("Welcome to Despair Academy - #01 Prologue")
      • Episode 2: "Vivere o Morire - #02 Capitolo dell'(a)normalità" ("Live or Die" - #02 (Ab)normality Chapter")
      • Episode 4: "Weekly Shonen Disperazione Magazine - #04 Capitolo dell'(a)normalità" ("Weekly Shonen Despair Magazine - #04 (Ab)normality Chapter")
      • 'Episode 6: "Neon genesis leggenda galattica, il ritorno! Eroe corazzato, ergiti sulla terra! '- #06 Capitolo dell'(a)normalità" ("The Return of Galactic Legend Neon Genesis! Armored Hero, Stand Upon the Earth! - #06 (Ab)normality Chapter")
      • Episode 8: "All All Apologies - #08 Capitolo dell'(a)normalità" ("All All Apologies - #08 (Ab)normality Chapter")
      • Episode 10: "Il cibo spazzatura della disperazione per scattare nella giovinezza - #10 Capitolo dell'(a)normalità" ("Despair Junk Food for a Dashing Youth! - #10 (Ab)normality Chapter")
      • Episode 12: "Il motivo per cui il super sfortunato liceale ha attratto il super omicidio liceale, la super esecuzione liceale e la super disperazione liceale" ("How the Super High School Level Unlucky Person attracted the Super High School Level Homicide, Super High School Level Execution and Super High School Level Despair")
      • Episode 13: "Addio, accademia Disperazione" ("Farewell, Despair Academy")

      And let's conclude with the pictures!

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    • You're a star, thank you so much for gathering this all together for us!

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