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    • Issue 6: June 2017 • Author: Monollama
    Welcome to this month's installment of the Danganronpa Wiki newsletter.

    Major Updates
    • Danganronpa V3 Sprites! Thanks to myself, Admin Scottier, and PhotoshopGamma, we have EVERY V3 Sprite on the wiki! This includes full bodies, and Scrum Debates! However there are obviously, spoilers in the galleries so proceed with caution.
    • Danganronpa Another Episode Sprites! With the latest release of Another Episode, a whole new set of redrawn sprites was also released. Thanks to UnderMybrella_ on Reddit for allowing us to use the rips, we now have all of the updated sprites on the wiki!
    • Sprite Gallery Overhauls! Thanks to Admin Scottier, the Sprite Gallery forMakoto Naegi has received a much needed overhaul. You can find every pixel and sprite now for him in it!

    How to Help!

    • Galleries! By far the biggest project I believe that needs doing. There are some spoiler galleries in there, so just avoid them and be wary. Details can be found Danganronpa_Wiki:Gallery_Clean-Up

    Community Corner

    • Featured Article Winner! July's Featured Article will beeeee... ~
      Celestia Ludenberg!
    • Front Page Poll Winner! The Top Three Choices for "Vote for your FAVORITE Danganronpa Another Episode Monokuma Unit!" issssss...~

    Regular Monokuma!
    Ball Monokuma!
    Junk Monokuma!


    Each newsletter, we like to present special awards to highlight a handful of editors who have contributed some outstanding work since the last month.
    This month's Ultimate Contributors are:

    DRWikia Award NDRV3 June17

    Those of you who have won are welcome to display this month's award on your userprofile.
    Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to contribute to our community this month.

    FANART-Monosuke-Pixel-Bounce FANART-Monodam-Pixel-Bounce FANART-Monotaro-Pixel-Bounce
    FANART Kotoko PixelFANART Nagisa Pixel FANART Monaca Pixel
    Thank you for reading this month's DanganRoundup!
    Until next time, see you soon!

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