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    20:03, August 22, 2017

    All applicants must be willing to deal with Danganronpa V3 spoilers and able to use Discord. Successful applicants will be given a Rollback position as a "Trial Period" to find suitable Content Moderators.

    • What is your Wiki username?
    • Are you currently above or under 18? (Your full age isn’t required.)
    • What is your current Edit Count at the time of this application?
    • Are you able to give at least a few hours or more of your time every week to contribute in a significant manner to the Wiki?
    • Are you willing to deal with and edit articles with "spoiler" material?
    • Do you have any experience on other Wikis? Please give us details.
    • Why do you want to join our team? Please reply with a good summary.
    • Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

    Successful applicants will be contacted by August 23rd, 2017 for this application period.

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    • My username is OfficialXDcc, I am currently under 18, I'm not sure how to look at that. I have so much time to do stuff.i do not have any experience. I want to join your team so that new and experience players of danganronpa can enjoy the content more. Is it ok to self promote my own YouTube channel in the wiki forums??? Thank you

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    • My username is TotallyNotNeo. I am 17, I have lots of time to contribute to this wiki. Sadly my edit account is 0 but I have experinece, last year I spent 2 weeks striaght on the Undertale wiki. The reason why i would love to join the team because I want to help people that are new to DR. Also have lots of knowledge abot DR {Not counting DRV3} I lost my account last year 

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    • The main post has been updated, please amend your applications accordingly. Thank you. :)

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    • My wiki username is Spongebob lover 14 and I am currently under 18 years of age my edit count is 20 it's not alot but I know it can go somewhere. I have nothing to do with spoiler material I want the veiwers to see for themselves. I have experience with other wikis like Danganronpa fan wiki and other wikis. I also want to join your team because I love the franchise! Monollama I am one of your biggest fans! And I want to make this wiki grow! And I am currently making a fan made Danganronpa 4 game!

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    • My username is UltimateHope93, and I am a HUGE DR fan if you couldn't tell. My personal favorite is DR2, but im super excited for V3 releasing, hoping its going to be good. I am currently under the age of eighteen, and I am new to the wikia thing. I have 0 edit counts, but I would like to learn from my peers. I am willing to put in a few hours a week for the wiki, and I can deal with spoilers. Like I said previously, I currently have no experience with any other wikis, but I would like to get to know everyone behind this wiki and help in any way I can, learning the whole way through. I would like to join the team, becasue I love the franchise and would like to meet other fans that are dedicated to the DR series. I am also a fast learner, so I could pick up quick. Thank you so much for reading! You can find more info on my Twitter @tfriar93 and I will give you my Discord if needed

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    • my username is screamingfrog, extremely devoted to danganronpa! i am under 18. i have 27 edit counts so far, and i am able to give time away to contribute to this wiki! i am spoiled and im willing to post edits regarding spoilers. i have created two other wikis before and i manage both of them fairly well. 

      im interested in joining the wiki team because im genuinely interested in danganronpa and id love to contribute to the fandom any way i can! whether it be spoilers, sprites, translated info, im willing to put my time and effort into this wiki.

      i am completely spoiled on ndrv3 and in the process of reading through a translated chapter 3, but i also get my translations and chapter info elsewhere. im basically completely caught up, either way. im able to post transparented sprites and i have datamined cgs and other material.

      ill give you my discord if needed.

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    • Hey there

      my name is Rororoee.

      I am under 18.

      I have 19 edits so far.I can give hours of my time to the wiki (I am a pupil and I am going aboard soon so I hope to have some time during the year).I am sorrowfully spoiled so I do not care to edit that kind of stuff.I have a new account on Town of Salem wiki with 607 edits.I like danganronpa as hell! I show my friends the anime and talk with them about it all the time, so by joining the team, I hope to help newbies as well and maybe to acquire friends on the way!I hope for a good time for the wikiwe should run forward to HOPEAnd as well, I would like to know about editing a bit because I don't have much experience with the more complicated things in editing. 

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    • My Name Is SactteredDespair 

      I'm Above 18

      I have 24 edits so far.I'm willing to give every hour I can to make this wiki a place where everyone can find infomation.I'm willing to edit pages that have spoilers on it.I have had experience on other wiki such as the Yandere simulator wiki.Why I want to join the team is because I love Danganronpa I find it on of the best anime's that I have watched and I love to work on wiki's it's something I love to do.And for the last ting I don't mind to getting the rank I'm just here to help out

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    • My username is Tio1998 and I am above the age of 18. My current edit count is 0, but I am able to, and would happily give a few hours or more of my time to contribute to the Wiki. I am also willing to deal with spoiler material. I do not have any formal experience on other Wikis but I often keep my own informal personal records/summaries/timelines of various fandoms I am in/have been in (including Danganronpa). I would like to join the team because record keeping is something I already do on my own, and would love for my efforts to benefit not only myself, but other Danganronpa fans. Having my contributions on the Wiki would also help me grow as an archiver, as it provides me with an excuse to be more professional in my records. Danganronpa has also been my most prominent interest for well over a year and it would be an honour to help contribute to the resource that I've been using multiple times a day since I got back into the fandom in early 2016.  Thank you for your consideration. 

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      • My Wiki username is Missander
      • I am under 18 years of age
      • Although I only have 1 on this wiki, i have over 800 on another
      • Although I have school, I would be able to contribute often to this wiki
      • I am willing to deal with the spoiler articles
      • Although I am not a moderator on any wiki, I spend time helping other moderators who are less active to keep the wiki alive
      • Being part of the Danganronpa wiki team would be a healthy experience, learning new things with the contributions, learning new skills, and developing a healthy social life with the other moderators, and fans of Danganronpa.  
      • I have been a Danganronpa fan for nearly 4 years now, and although I haven't contributed much yet, I have been reading thoroughly through many of the pages to see what is necessary to add, and how it's structured. Thank you for your consideration and best of luck to everyone!
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