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    • SPECIAL Edition 1: August 2017 • Author: Monollama • Artist: Sukiina
    Welcome to this month's installment of the Danganronpa Wiki newsletter.

    Danganronpa Wiki
    Danganronpa V3 Spoilers

    We are very quickly getting closer and closer to the release date of V3 for the West! I hope you're all excited as I am about it! Now regarding spoilers and content:
    • The Spoiler Warning Templates at both the top of the page and within articles will be removed a month after the release date of V3, give or take a day or two depending how long it takes to remove them. This means there will be NO MORE SPOILER WARNINGS on individual articles after October 26th, 2017. However Guides, a few other special cases such as the Voice Actor article may retain their warnings. But articles such as character-related ones, and galleries will not have them.


    • Also given this policy, after October 26th, 2017 articles with V3 spoiler content may be submitted and will be up for voting for Featured Articles.
    • For Guide Completion, such as Free Time Events and Bonus Mode minigames, we will post several forum posts for you, the Editors, to help us complete them. HOWEVER should the Staff manage to get a rip of the game, those forum posts will be closed and we will handle completion internally.
    • The Staff will be handling the localized information change-overs, such as the Study Centers names or Ultimate titles not present in the Demo. But should we need help, a highlighted forum post will be created.
      • This includes all V3 related sprites, which we the Staff will handle updating.

    Danganronpa Wiki Anniversary

    In October, Danganronpa Wiki will officially be five (5) years old! Can you believe it!? We have a few fun things planned for you all for the celebration, which we hope you all will look forward to and enjoy!

    Major Updates
    • Page Overhauls! Thanks to our resident Admin Scottier, the Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony has received a much needed overhaul! And thanks to yours truly (with help from Scottie), all of the Sprite Galleries for Danganronpa 1 and Danganronpa 2 have been updated with our new standard and the best quality of sprites! Please enjoy them! o/

    How to Help!

    • Galleries! By far the biggest project I believe that needs doing. There are some spoiler galleries in there, so just avoid them and be wary. Details can be found Danganronpa_Wiki:Gallery_Clean-Up

    Community Corner


    Each newsletter, we like to present special awards to highlight a handful of editors who have contributed some outstanding work since the last month.
    This month's Ultimate Contributors are:

    DRWikia Award NDRV3 August17

    Those of you who have won are welcome to display this month's award on your userprofile.
    Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to contribute to our community this month.

    FANART-Monosuke-Pixel-Bounce FANART-Monodam-Pixel-Bounce FANART-Monotaro-Pixel-Bounce
    FANART Kotoko PixelFANART Nagisa Pixel FANART Monaca Pixel
    Thank you for reading this month's DanganRoundup!
    Until next time, see you soon!

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