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    • Issue 9: December 2017 • Author: Scottier
    Welcome to this month's installment of the Danganronpa Wiki newsletter.

    Danganronpa Wiki

    Welcome to the December newsletter! I'm Admin Scottie, stepping in for Admin Monollama this month because she's unfortunately caught a bug. Get well soon! It's been a hectic few weeks for us staff since the English language release of Danganronpa V3, so the newsletter got neglected for a little while there, but we're back! It's going to be a short one, because our noses are so close to the grindstone.

    Since our last update, we've welcomed some new permanent staff members into our team! Ohakuma and Nebularman, and Xaria1 have been promoted up to Content Moderator, and ArcflameArcanum78 is our new Rollback! We'd also like to welcome MtShinguuji, who is on trial to be a second Rollback. Welcome to the team, guys! We've also sadly had to say goodbye to our former Admin King_Kyogre, and wish him all the best in the future.

    We'd like to remind editors that applications for staff roles can be found in the Staff Applications forum, and that the easiest way to contact any member of staff for any issues that may arise is by using the Contact the Admins forum.

    Major Updates

    Since mid-October, you may have noticed that the spoiler collapses for Danganronpa V3 have been removed. This is to make it much easier for our staff to grammar check and expand our Danganronpa V3 pages, and as such, the majority of our pages in that category have already been updated, thanks in part to our large staff team! Special thanks go out to Nebularman, who gathered up all our V3 English screencaps, Riku who collected up 11037 quotes for our V3 quotes sections, and to Monollama, who oversaw uploading the many hundreds of new Danganronpa V3 sprites.

    Our biggest transcription to date, the Free Time Events for Danganronpa V3, has also been successfully completed and can be found at Free Time Events/Danganronpa V3. With that, we can finally say that the Free Time Events project is more or less done! As the head of that particular project I'm so proud of what we have all achieved and extremely greatful to all editors who contributed to transcribing many many hours of dialogue.

    We've also managed to reach a phenomenal 4,000 Followers on the @DanganronpaWiki twitter! Thank you to all who have followed us and we hope to continue to use that platform to provide the most up to date Danganronpa news online.


    As always, we encourage all editors to familiarise themselves with our guidelines and policies, which can be found at Danganronpa Wiki:Guidelines and Policies under the Community tab of the top navigation bar. While we know that there is a lot of text included, editors being aware of our guidelines makes edits less likely to be reverted, and makes working on the Wiki a more pleasant experience for everyone. Of particular note, we would like to remind editors the importance of proper filenaming, the standard for which can be found under the "Images" tab of the guidelines, and the importance of noteability, which can be found under the "Standards" tab. These have been particular issues in the last few months with the new influx of new editors who might not be familiar with our policies. While we greatly welcome you, and appreciate everyone's hard work, it's important that we all work together as a team!

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    Thank you for reading this month's DanganRoundup!
    Until next time, see you soon!

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