Truth Bullets Set DR1

Set of Truth Bullets from DR1.

Below is a list of Truth Bullets featured in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

Chapter 1

Truth Bullet Description
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (1)
Monokuma File #1
The Victim was Sayaka Maizono. The time of death is estimated to be around 1:30 a.m. The body was discovered in Makoto's room in the dormitory. The death took place in the bathroom. The cause of death was stab wound in the abdomen, and her right wrist appears to have been fractured.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (2)
Evidence of Struggle
There are number of scratches and gouges on the bed and walls in Makoto's room.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (3)
Replica Sword
Makoto took this from the gym entryway and put it on his room.The sword was found out of his sheath on the floor in the middle of the room. The sword handle was missing some of the gold coating, as was part of the blade.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (4)
Replica Sword Sheath
Makoto took this from the gym entryway and put it on his room. The sheath was found some distance from the sword itself, and it shows evidence of being scratched with a sharp object.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (5)
Switching Rooms
On the night of the murder, Sayaka and Makoto traded rooms and room keys. When the victim was discovered, Makoto's room key was also found in Makoto's room. Sayka had originally asked Makoto to switch with her when someone attempted to force their way into the room and she became frightened.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (6)
This had been placed in Makoto's room before he had arrived. It remains unopened and there is no evidence of it having ever been used. All the other students claim that they haven't used theirs, either. But still...
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (7)
Makoto's Room's Cleanliness
Not a single hair was found on the floor at the scene of the crime. In addition, the lint roller shows evidence of being used.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (8)
Sayaka's Wrist
Sayaka's right wrist had been fractured, and her wrist was "glittery" at the injury's location.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (9)
Dying Message
A series of numbers have been written in blood on Makoto's bathroom wall-11037. It is assumed that Sayaka wrote these numbers while leaned up against the wall, as she lay dying.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (10)
Bathroom Door Frame
Makoto's room was difficult to open, due to it not quite fitting in the door frame properly. The only two people who knew the trick of opening it were the room's owner and Sayaka, the victim.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (11)
Bathroom Doorknob
Makoto's bathroom door knob had been broken-the screws holding it in a place had all been partially or completely removed.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (12)
Dorm nameplates
The nameplates of the doors of Sayaka and Makoto's were apparently switched at some point.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (13)
Kitchen Knife Set
The kitchen in the dinning hall has a set of kitchen knives. Apparently one of the knifes had gone missing.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (14)
Aoi's Account
The knife from the kitchen went missing while Aoi was in the dining hall. Aoi swears that Makoto did not come to the dining hall at any point while she was there.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (15)
Trash Duty
There's apparently a trash room within the school. It's blocked of the sturdy gate that can only be opened with the trash room key.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (16)
The incinerator can be activated via a switch on the machine. Hifumi was on cleaning duty, and he claims that the last time he was the incinerator, it was off. However after Makoto checked it after the incident, the incinerator was, in fact, on. The distance from the gate to the incinerator is roughly thirty feet.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (17)
Burnt Shirt Piece
A piece of burnt clothing was found next to the incinerator in the trash room. It is apparently part of a shirt cuff, and it haves a noticeable bloodstain on it.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (18)
Shattered Crystal Ball
Shards of glass were found next to the incinerator in the trash room. As it turns out, the glass ball would have fit comfortably in the palm of a person's hand.

Chapter 2

Truth Bullet Description
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (1)
Monokuma File #2
The victim was Chihiro Fujisaki. The time of death was around 2:00 a.m. The body was discovered in the girls locker room, on the 2nd floor of the school. The cause of the death was a blow to the head with a blunt object. She was killed instantly.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (2)
Sakura's Account
Although Chihiro wanted to get stronger, she declined several invitations from Sakura and Aoi, and may have used locker room late at night to avoid them. Despite this, Chihiro had stated that she desired help with her effort. She may have been meeting someone in the locker room the night she was murdered.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (3)
Locker Room Dumbbell
The dumbbell found on the floor of the girls locker room had a significant amount of blood on it.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (4)
Mondo's Account
Chihiro had told anyone willing to listen she wanted to get stronger. Some assume that due to her inferiority complex about being weak, she admired being strong more then anything else.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (5)
Card Reader
To unlock a locker room, you need to swipe your e-Handbook over the card reader. You need a male student's handbook for the boys locker, and a female student's handbook for the girls. It is not possible for two people to enter at the same time. Additionally, lending someone your e-Handbook is violation of the school regulation.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (6)
Main Hall e-Handbook
The Handbook of each student that has died are placed in the mailbox in the Main Hall.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (7)
Broken e-Handbook
One of the Handbooks found in the main hall hand been broken, which is apparently a rare occurrence. Junko and Sayaka's Handbooks both seem to still work, so it is assumed that the broken handbook is Leon's. However, Monokuma claims that it's very unlikely that Leon's handbook would have broken.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (8)
Genocide Jack Case File
Suspected Genocide Jack include Ken Harada, Tetsuhiro Honda, and Shoji Gaku, among countless others. They were killed the same way, and mounted to a nearby wall. The word "Bloodlust" was found in the scene of each crime, written in blood. Profiling indicates the killer is likely a student is suffering from a split personality.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (14)
Aoi's Account
Chihiro seems to have consciously kept her distance from the girls at the school, even from the beginning. Meanwhile, it had been noticed that she got along remarkably with her male classmates.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (9)
Boys Locker Room Carpet
The carpet on the boys locker room was found with a blackish stain on it.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (10)
Two Locker Room Posters
Blood was found on the poster in the girls locker room. The poster featured a big-breasted supermodel popular among young boys. Meanwhile, the poster in the boys locker room was for a boy band popular among teenage girls.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (11)
Chihiro's e-Handbook
Chihiro's e-Handbook was not found on her corpse, and has apparently gone missing.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (12)
Status of the Dead Body
Chihiro's body has been suspended, and her hands have been bound with some kind of rope. Her fatal injury was a blow in the head.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (13)
Disappearing Stain
Sakura mentioned that she was responsible for a coffee stain on the girls locker room floor. However, the stain had since been inexplicably scrubbed away.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (14)
Library Desk Lamp
Byakuya was known to use this lamp often. However the extension cord had gone missing at some point and the lamp's cord couldn't quite reach the outlet.
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (15)
Celestia's Account
On the night of the murder, right before nighttime Chihiro, was spotted leaving the warehouse. It seems she was stuffing some blue exercise clothes into the duffelbag. Presumably she was on her way to exercise . but the clothes were not found at the scene of the crime. Celeste had not told anyone other then Makoto about this encounter.

Chapter 3

Truth Bullet Description
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (1)
Monokuma File #3
The victims were Hifumi Yamada and Kiyotaka Ishimaru. The cause of death for each was a blow in the head. It is thought that they were both killed with a similar weapon.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (2)
Blue Tarp
It was apparently used to move Kiyotaka in order to avoid leaving bloodstains.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (3)
Repository Dolly
The dolly was found when the body was rediscovered in the repository. This specific dolly was found on one of its wheels. It is assumed that this is the same dolly that was in the equipment room, where Kiyotaka's body was originally discovered.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (4)
Hifumi's Glasses
When they were first found in the nurse's office, Hifumi's glasses were completely covered in blood. However, when they were seen in the repository, they were completely clean.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (5)
Spotless Hammer
Hammers of all shaped sizes were found in the repository. One of them was found wet, and had apparently been washed.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (6)
Repository Door
The door connecting the art room to the repository was designed to open only from the repository side. According to Aoi, it was locked during the search of the missing body. However, when the body was rediscovered, it had somehow been unlocked...
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (7)
Equipment Room Bloodstain
A puddle of blood was found in the equipment room where Kiyotaka's body was initially found. A tire of blood had been found behind the blood.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (8)
Glasses Cleaning Cloth
The cloth was found in the trash can in the nurse's office. It is branded with popular a cartoon character, and was found with blood on it. One has to wonder if someone used it to wipe some blood away...
Truth Bullet Chapter 2 (15)
Celestia's Account
Hifumi's body disappeared when Celeste and Aoi left the nurse's office to use the bathroom. Apparently they weren't gone for one minute or two.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (9)
Yasuhiro's Message
This is the note that Yasuhiro wrote to get everyone to meet in the dining hall. "Meet in the Dining Hall" is all it says. The handwriting is remarkably neat and clear.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (10)
Robo Justice Blueprints
These are the blueprints for Robo Justice, which were found in Yasuhiro's room.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (11)
Robo Justice Costume
No one but Yasuhiro could have possibly fit into the costume. In addition, anyone wearing it would not be able to see their feet, or bend on the waist more then 90 degrees.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (12)
Yasuhiro's Account
Apparently Yasuhiro received a mysterious note last night. The note reads... "I found a hole maybe we could use to escape. Monokuma can't find out , so don't tell anyone else for now. Let's meet in the Rec Room at 1 a.m.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (13)
Broken Wristwatch
Kiyotaka's wristwatch broke with the hands pointing just past 6 o' clock. It was confirmed that as of late night, the watch still worked, which means it must have broken the following morning when he was attacked.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (14)
Kiyotaka's Scrap of Paper
Kiyotaka's lifeless hand was found clutching a small scarp of paper.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (15)
The Note Hifumi Had
Hifumi had a note hidden on him. one edge of it appears to be torn. The note reads: "I found a hole maybe we could use to escape. Monokuma can't find out , so don't tell anyone else for now. Let's meet in the equipment room at 6 a.m.
Truth Bullet Chapter 3 (16)
Each student has their own e-Handbook, which also acts as a card key. The owner's name is displayed each time the handbook is booted up. It is believed that no handbooks were involved in carrying out the murders this time.

Chapter 4

Truth Bullet Description
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (1)
Monokuma File #4
The victim was Sakura Ogami. The time of death is estimated to be around 12 noon. The body was discovered in the rec room, on the 3rd floor of the school. There is evidence of strong blow to the victim's head. No other injuries were noted; however, it seems that at some point, the victim suffered from violent vomiting blood.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (2)
Rec Room Door
A chair had been jammed against the door within the Rec Room. blocking access from the outside. It is believed that the killer did this to create a "locked room" scenario.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (3)
Status of Sakura's body
Sakura was found dead seated in the chair, slumping forward. Traces of blood were found around her mouth, presumably from when she vomited blood. However, there was an injury or indication as to why she would have vomited blood.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (4)
Magazine Shelf Bloodstain
A bloodstain was found in front of the shelf of magazines. The blood is presumed to be Sakura's. There is currently no explanation for how a bloodstain would have appeared so far away where the victim was around.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (5)
Polka Dot Candy Wrapper
At one point Aoi had been injured and taken to the nurse's office. After she was taken care of, she gave a piece of candy to Sakura which had this type of wrapper. According to Aoi, she had "monopolized" this candy as soon as it had become available, so obtaining a piece of candy would ave been difficult to impossible.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (6)
Glass Shards on the Floor
There were pieces of red glass scattered near the table in the rec room. After finding the top and bottom pieces, it was concluded that the shards must have come from a bottle.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (7)
Figure on the Floor
A Monokuma figure was found laying on the rec room floor. It would fit roughly in the palm on your hand.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (8)
Monokuma Bottles
There are a number of red bottles on the shelf in the rec room. Inside each bottle is a Monokuma figure. Additionally, there seems to be some kind of unknown correlation between the bottles.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (9)
Empty Protein Drink
An empty protein drink was found near the rec room door. The container had a label reading CHEM A-2. The shards of glass from the window that was broken to get into the room were found both around and underneath the container.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (10)
Locker Handprint
A fresh handprint was found inside the rec room's open locker. Since the locker was open before they opened the "locked room," there's no way someone had hiding there before they arrived.
Truth Bullet Chapter 1 (14)
Aoi's Account
Sakura had written notes to Toko, Byakuya, and Yasuhiro asking them to meet her in the rec room by noon. She had slid these notes underneath each person's room door.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (11)
Byakuya's Account
Byakuya confirmed that he recieved Sakura's note, but also claimed that he never went to see her, and in fact had not seen her at all that day.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (12)
Toko's Account
Toko confirmed that she received Sakura's note, but also claimed that she never went to see her.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (13)
Pocket Trash
A small bit of garbage accidentally fell out of Yasuhiro's pocket. It was a piece of paper with red polka dots on it.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (14)
Yellow Powder
Yellow powder was found on the top of Sakura's foot.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (15)
Kyoko's Examination Summary
Sakura suffered two blows to the head, not one. No blood was found on her hands.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (16)
Monokuma Bottle Experiment
All of the Monokuma Bottles appear to be roughly the same weight. However, when the bottle shards were weighed against an intact bottle, the shards were found to be heavier.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (17)
Magazine Dying Message
On the magazine shelf, one magazine had been put upside down. Inside the magazine, Toko's name had been written in blood. It is assumed that whoever wrote it used their finger to do so.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (18)
Chem Lab Shelf
On the shelf in the chem lab, section A contains supplements, section B contains reagents, and section C harmful chemicals. A bottle of poison labeled as section C had been placed in section A of the shelf.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (19)
Source of the Powder
There was a broken bottle in front of the chem lab shelf, which was labeled CHEM C-4. The powder on the floor is assumed to have some from this. According to Byakuya, the powder would had to have been spilled after the incident took place.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (20)
Footprints in the powder
Someone had left footprints in the powder spilled in the chem lab. These footprints appeared only near the leftmost section on the shelf. From this it can be assumed that the suspect only had business in the area.

Chapter 5

Truth Bullet Description
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (1)
Monokuma File #5
Due to the explosion, the victim's identity is unknown. they were, however, dead before the blast the victim had been stabbed a single time with a knife, which went completely through the body.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (2)
Exploded Body Analysis
The explosion has burnt the upper half of the body beyond recognition. The upper half of the body remained on the fire and had to be extinguished. Because of this, the upper half was soaking.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (3)
Fake Nails
The body was wearing notably long fake nails.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (4)
Tattoo on the Right Hand
The body had a tattoo of a dog on the back of the right hand.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (5)
Fragments Near the Dead Body
There were bits of charred debris near the body. It should be noted that the bomb which had been removed from Monokuma in the gym had disappeared. It's hard to imagine these two events are unrelated.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (6)
The sprinklers are programmed to come on every morning at 7:30, and this time is impossible to change. As such, it can be assumed that if the body had been in the garden before 7:30, it would have gotten wet.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (7)
When the Body Was Found
7 a.m.: Makoto wakes to the morning announcement.

7:30 a.m.: Makoto and Aoi arrive in the Dinning Hall. 7:30-9 a.m.: Makoto meets the others in the Gym, and together they head to the Headmaster's Room. 9 a.m.: Toko is told to find the pickax in the Garden where she discovers the body.

Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (8)
Knife at the Crime Scene
The knife found near the body was the same knife that was used to stab it before the explosion. It is also the same knife that Toko had given Makoto for safe keeping, and the knife the masked assailant was holding when they attacked Makoto.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (9)
The tarp was hidden among the other items in the tool shed. One side was wet and filthy with mud and grime. The other side was completely clean and dry.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (10)
Chicken Coop Chickens
The number of chickens in the chicken coop had decreased from five to four. Yasuhiro claims that there were without a doubt five chickens just before nighttime last night, and yet...
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (11)
Byakuya's Account
Byakuya stated that there was no corpse in the garden just after nighttime, so it can be assumed the murder must have taken place sometime after that. Byakuya also said that he, Yasuhiro, Toko and Aoi were in the gym the entire night, and none were alone at any point.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (11)
Body Before the Explosion
The corpse had a mask covering its head, and a white jacket covering the body. A knife had been thrust into the abdomen, and there were bloodstains around the wound. The body stopped bleeding, but the blood was still wet.. It was noted, however, that there was no blood on the ground around the body.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (12)
Mukuro Ikusaba's Profile
Mukuro Ikusaba—Female. Known as the Ultimate Soldier. She became been obsessed with the military from young age. She disappeared while on vacation in Europe, and reappeared in Japan three years later. Apparently, every member of Fenrir gets a tattoo somewhere on their body to represent their membership in the group.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (13)
Monokuma's Account
Apparently, the killing game began with sixteen participants-all students. it is assumed that Mukuro Ikusaba was the sixteen student. Monokuma also revealed that the reason why Koyoko wears gloves to hide something she doesn't want anyone to see.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (14)
Woodblock Key
This woodblock decoration was found in Kyoko's room. It looks like it's actually the key to the lockers in the Dojo.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (15)
Titanium Arrows
A set of titanium arrows was found in the Dojo locker. There appear to be a ten in total.
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (16)
Bloody Duct Tape
Along with the arrows, there was also a wadded up ball of duct tape in the locker. The duct tape had traces of blood on it. It's assumed that this is related to the case, but nobody can imagine how...
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (15)
Kyoko's Account
Kyoko used Monokuma's "Secret Tool," which grants access to any room in the school, to sneak into the 2nd floor of the Dorms. This area seems to have no monitors or security cameras.

Chapter 6

Truth Bullet Description
Truth Bullet Chapter 5 (1)
Monokuma File #5
Due to the explosion, the victim's identity is unknown. they were, however, dead before the blast the victim had been stabbed a single time with a knife, which went completely through the body. They had also been struck in the head with an object about as thick as a metal pipe. The body was covered with other wounds, but these were at least several days old.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (1)
Places to Check
Several rooms had been locked up until this point: The Headmaster's room on the 4th floor, the Bio Lab on the 5th floor, the Monokuma Door in the Data Center on the 4th floor, and 2nd floor of the Dormitory area. In addition, the areas directly connected to Mukuro Ikusaba's death are the Garden and Dojo.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (2)
Monokuma Control Room
The Monokuma room in the data center opened to reveal a small room used to command Monokuma. This is where the Mastermind has been issuing commands the ursine robot.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (3)
The tarp was found in the Garden had played a past in Mukuro's murder. "Bio Lab" had been stamped onto one corner of the tarp. The same kind of tarp was found in the Bio Lab, so there's no doubt that this tarp came from there.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (4)
Mukuro Ikusaba's Profile
According to the headmaster's report, Mukuro did not have a single scar or wound when she came to Hope's Peak Academy. In addition, her physical features follow:
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 97 pounds
Vitals: 31-22-32
Kyoko had confirmed that the corpse matches these characteristics.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (5)
The Ultimate Despair
The phrase "the Ultimate Despair" doesn't refer to a single individual, but a like-minded group of people. One year ago, that group brought about the single worst event in human history. They are motivated only by despair, making them some of the most despicable people to ever live.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (6)
Hidden Room Present
There was a brightly colored box sitting in the Headmaster's Hidden Room, inside the box were human bones—the last remains of the Headmaster.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (7)
Photo of Kyoko and Headmaster
In his hidden room, the headmaster kept a photo of him and a young Kyoko together. In the photo, the are both smiling.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (8)
Headmaster's e-Handbook
An emergency Handbook was found in the Headmaster's Hidden Room. This Handbook apparently has no restrictions, and was given to the school's ultimate authority—the Headmaster.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (9)
Locker Notebook
The notebook was found in the 2nd floor of the dorms. Yasuhiro's name was written on the inside, and it has notes for a number of different classes.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (10)
Locker Pocketbook
The Pocketbook was found in a locker on the 2nd floor of the Dorms, and based on what is written inside, it's believed to be Kyoko's. There's some kind of message scrawled on the last page of the Pocketbook: "Despair walks among us. And so, we survive... There's a second despair..."
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (11)
Bio Lab Secret
The Bio Lab on the 5th floor seems to have been re-purposed as a morgue.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (12)
Bio Lab Lights
A corpse fridge has been installed in the Bio Lab . It seems that a blue light comes on to indicate a slot is occupied. The number of blue lights, counting the slot with Mukuro's body inside, comes to a total of nine.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (13)
Group Photo
Hope's Peak students wearing matching uniforms. Worth noting is that Mukuro is on the pictured, while Makoto is not. Could that mean all the others are working together somehow...?
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (14)
Genocide Jack's Memory
It would seem that while Toko and Genocide Jack share certain fundamental knowledge, their individual memories are separate.
Truth Bullet Chapter 4 (15)
Kyoko's Account
Kyoko attests that both the stab wound and the blow to the head were inflicted after death.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (15)
Interview DVD
The DVD Kyoko found contained interviews between the Headmaster and all Hope's Peak Academy students. Makoto, however, had no memory of such an interview. Thanks to Monokuma's interference, Makoto wasn't able to watch the DVD all the way through.
Truth Bullet Chapter 6 (Ultimate Hope)
Ultimate Hope
It would appear that Makoto may have hidden within him the power to stand against the Ultimate Despair.