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The Future Foundation's Former Ultimate Elite Task Force is an organization featured in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Side: Hope. They are former students of Hope's Peak Academy and consisted of eleven members: The Ultimate Street Fighter, Ultimate Yo-yoer, Ultimate Nailist, Ultimate Discus Thrower, Ultimate Street Performer, Ultimate Marksman, Ultimate Archer, Ultimate Judo Master, Ultimate Shougi/Go Player, Ultimate Falconer, and a robot unit.


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Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Side: Hope

The former Ultimate Elite Task Force of Future Foundation came to the offshore facility where the Final Killing Game was held after being brainwashed by Ryota Mitarai's Hope Video. Their duty is to protect Ryota until he finished broadcasting the Hope Video to the entire world. However, all of them were completely defeated by the former Remnants of Despair.


Ultimate Discus Thrower

The Ultimate Discus Thrower fought with the Ultimate Swordswoman, Peko Pekoyama, outside the facility building. He kept cornering Peko by throwing his discus until he hit a water tank, causing it to explode and pour out gallons of water. Peko used the downpour as a disguise to give him a surprise attack with her bamboo sword, incapacitating him.

Ultimate Falconer

Still outside the building, the Ultimate Falconer encountered Gundham Tanaka. For years, finally the Ultimate Breeder unsealed his first name, dramatically unleashed his first name. The Falcon owned by him surprisingly defected to Gundham's side, making the Ultimate Falconer scream in panic.

The Robots

Inside the building, the robot unit fought with Nekomaru Nidai. The Ultimate Team Manager managed to rival the power of the robot, but soon it was reinforced by another robot unit. Kazuichi Soda came with his Mini-Mecha Nidai that stuck themselves to the reinforcing robot and explode, taking the large robot with them. This action was able to successfully impress, and get the attention of Sonia Nevermind.

Ultimate Street Performer

The Ultimate Street Performer fought Akane Owari in the hallways of the facility. The Ultimate Gymnast's power was doubled after she ate Teruteru Hanamura's cooking. He threw knives on her but she easily break his knives by chomping down on them. Impressed, the Ultimate Street Performer breaths fire from his mouth only to be used by Akane to grill her spare meat. Finally, she delivered an uppercut, ultimately defeating him.

Ultimate Nailist

The Ultimate Nailist managed to corner Hiyoko Saionji until she tripped and fell down. Just before she could scratch Hiyoko using her long sharp nails, Mikan Tsumiki stabbed her in the back with a giant syringe, causing her to lost consciousness.

Ultimate Marksman

During Ibuki Mioda's deadly performance, the Ultimate Marksman, who wore headphones to block out her deadly song, targeted her from distance using her sniper. However, Mahiru Koizumi spotted her and immediately gave a flash on her radar which temporarily blinds her. Mahiru took her chance to take off her headphones, making her listen to Ibuki's deadly music which managed to knock her out.

The Others

The rest of the Ultimate Elite Task Force is easily defeated by Hajime Hinata off-screen whose personality and power has been merged with Izuru Kamukura.

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