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July 20, 2013
No longer active here. If you need anything, leave a message and I might just respond.

Just to clear things up, I'll rewrite my profile. This does not change the fact that I'm not active here.

I am Sam, otherwise known as sqm. As my masthead currently states (which it should not now), I used to be the technical expert of this wiki. My expertise lies in wikitext, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and basic Lua. If you need help with them, feel free to contact me here.

Back around the time when I first found about this wiki, I was good at creating templates. AdventureWriter28, a good friend of mine and a huge fan of the Danganronpa series in general, did all the templates here based off a work of mine on some other wiki. She then introduced me to Danganronpa and this wiki. When I first came to the wiki, I felt it needed some help with the layout, so I volunteered to be an admin. I redid most of the templates and made the CSS layout you can see now. I also wrote a few policies which were never completed.

I'll admit I was never really active here. The only time I was, was when someone requested for a template to be made or when I did the layout. Apart from that, I rarely visited the wiki. I was not the content contributor and seldom did I edit the mainspace articles. Most of my edits belonged to the technical aspects of the wiki. The content ones were generally typo/grammar correction or reformatting.

As for the series, I loved the concept of Danganronpa. *cough*battleroyale*cough* The only game I ever played was the first one. I managed to complete its first chapter and that is all I know of Danganronpa. The only episode of the anime I watched was the first one. That's it.

A few months back, Mikitty092393 adopted this wiki and I stepped down as an admin. This wiki now has wonderful and active admins, so contact them if you need anything.

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