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Yasuke Matsuda
Title Ultimate Neurologist
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Novel Dangan Ronpa/Zero

Yasuke Matsuda (松田 夜助 Matsuda Yasuke) is one of the main characters in the Dangan Ronpa/Zero novel series. His title is Ultimate Neurologist (超高校級の「神経学者」Chō Kōkō Kyū no "Shinkei Gakusha"). He was eventually killed by Ryoko Otonashi, who in a fit of despair stabbed him in the chest. 


Yasuke has neck-length, messy black hair with a single stray spike, and green eyes. He wears Hope's Peak Academy uniform, though his shirt is not fully tucked in and he wears his necktie sloppily. He also wears bathroom slippers instead of normal shoes.


Yasuke is quite mean, rude and has a sharp-tongue, especially towards Ryouko Otonashi but also shows some concern towards her on account of her forgetfulness. -- It is shown that Matsuda can be quite evasive towards certain things, he often insults Ryouko for her clingy attitude towards him. 

He also shows some care for the girl, this is shown when she is supposedly suspended out of the school and Matsuda had decided to negotiate to keep her from getting 'completely' kicked out. however he only states he did this because he needs her there as a 'research subject', but there seems to be greater meaning behind this. 


He seems to have known Junko Enoshima ever since they were kids, and his mother died after having some kind of memory loss, even being made to believe he was just 'some kid she didn't know'. After her death, he tries to point out that he was free now that she's gone, but is obviously upset by it anyways.

Also in their childhood, Junko had been working on a sand church for months, for it to be destroyed. Yasuke searched for the culprit, but later finds out it was Junko herself. Upon asking why, she says it was because he never left his house anymore.


  • "You’re also too loud for someone as ugly as you. Speaking of, someone as ugly as you being scared of flying scalpels is weird too."
  • "That girl… Even when people make fun of her, she swipes it off because she thinks it has ‘nothing to do with her’. That’s why I have to speak up for her. I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t."
  • "You sound like a stalker."
  • "Still, in the future you should talk to an expert about it. But, if you can’t do that, come to me… That’s all there is to it, right?"
  • "Shut the fuck up, old man. Your dirty mouth talks too much."
  • "Who are you going to report me to? The National Japanese Ugly People Association? That kind of organization would be guilty of discrimination just by existing."
  • "Honestly, your brain is like a bottomless bucket."
  •  "…You don’t often see someone possessing such a superb, brain-intensive talent as you do affected by memory loss. That’s why you’re such a rare case."
  • "Shut up already, will you?"



  • He is one of the responsible people who helped in the creation of the "New World Program" along with Chihiro Fujisaki and the Ultimate Therapist.
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